I think Jeffress and evangelicals like him like to interpret the Bible in a 
limited way.  That's why they create tension and division here in this country. 
 But the Bible or any other revered books of wisdom were not created to be dead 
stories.  They  are living documents to be interpreted by conscious human 
beings to determine what is right and just. given  the social contexts, 
environment and human issues applicable for the times.

 As such, I believe ISIS and other forms of virulent religions have run their 
course and are recognized as dangerous for human societies  by the destruction 
they have wrought and the evil they have created.  In this regard, human 
consciousness is finding the solutions to the virulence of radical Islam or any 
other religions.  For the time being, the bombs that rained against supporters 
ISIS have brought forth the downfall of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

 Who's next?  Kim Jong Un?

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 What is one of the reasons Americans are confused about religion?  Which 
Americans?  Which religions?   
 Jeffress and other "Christian Nationalists" have been in the news more 
recently because they have circled their wagons around T.Rump in an effort to 
get their militant agenda forwarded. 

 Jeffress does not represent the great majority of evangelists (see article) 
and is not a mouthpiece for Christians of virtually any denomination.  


 The word "cult" has to be specifically defined and placed into historical, 
political, and social context to have any meaning.  

 I have no idea what he thinks of TM, but I'm guessing that given his 
"Christian" beliefs, he would consider it yet another surreptitious offspring 
of Satan.   

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 An Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress said recently.  He also thinks Mormonism 
is a  cult.  This is one of the reasons that Americans are confused about 
religion. Further, one wonders what he thinks about TM?




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