Srila Prabhupada made the same argument for colonizing the Moon.  So, he 
stated that the landing on the Moon was a hoax.  For both planets, Prabhupada 
was and is saying that humans cannot live there.  The only way to live there is 
to become Martians or Moon beings.  In other words, he was saying to 
transmigrate there as one of the inhabitants there.  But so far, we don't know 
if there are are beings made of organic matter living there.

 If it is not possible for humans to live there, AI robots may be able to do so 
since they would not need air to breath and can exist on extreme environmental 

 This same argument would hold for colonizations of exoplantes in the distant 

 So, are there ETs somewhere in the universe?  Maybe.  But for now humans could 
potentially be the ETs of the future, through the development of AI robots.

 Perhaps, we will someday meet ETs in the future and find that they too are 
biots or biological robots.


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 no human beings will ever be able to colonize Mars. surface is too poisonous 
and radiation is too much. 
it would be sad to start destroying the ocean floor like we have the 
continents. the solution is to restore civilization to harmony with the earth 
and to be truly sustainable. the rest is all fantasies

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