Big Brother should watch.  I think an US court prevented investigators from analysing computer hard-disks seized from a suspected terrorist, before 9/11. The FBI and CIA think that if the court had allowed the investigators to study the disks, the 9/11 attacks could have been prevented.!!
    You should go into many of the Mosques around the world and see for yourself the Bloody probaganda these Mullahs tell their devotees.  The threat is real.  Osama Bin Laden not only wants middle-east and North-Africa, but also Spain, which he calls Andalusia.!!
    The fucking communists would have taken over the world if not for the Nukes in America.  Bloody Nazi's tried and failed.  So will these islamic fundies, if you are not carefull. 
    Remember what Bush said after 9/11.  "Make no mistake about it.  We'll win this war too."   Win we must.  Defeat is not an option.
From: "mcjrich" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>   
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 11:50:01 -0000
Subject: [FairfieldLife] On mantras 
  I should have known 25 years ago that I had lived in southern
California too long when I "studied" Transcendental Meditation (TM).
I was given my "Mantra" (sounds to be used during meditation) and
told that it was mine alone, and not to be shared with anyone. It is
still secret, and no one in the world other then my TM "teacher" and
I know what it is.

About fifty years ago the Pope declared that "the Jews" were not
responsible for the death of Christ. The then existent "mantra" was
that if something bad happened, it was "the Jews "who did it.
Shortly after that I heard a terrible racist joke about an older
Jewish woman who lived is a Bronx apartment. She opened her window
on the alley and shouted up two floors to her friend: "Blanche, did
you hear"? And Blanche replied "Hear what"? "We didn't kill Christ"
Blanche says, "we didn't, then who did? Her friend replies, "I don't
know, but it must have been the Puerto Ricans". The punch line could
easily have been "the communists". If it were today the answer could
have been the "terrorists".

Starting in, I expect the late 40's the Government developed its own
mantra that they too would repeat over and over again as we would
repeat our mantra while meditating and it was no secret, it was
communism, or communists.

Most of the Americans were called upon to blame whatever bad stuff
happened in the world on the communists.
The Berlin wall? ……………………. The Communists.
The Korean War?…………………… The Communists
Evil motion pictures?………………. The Communists
Eastern European dictatorships?… The Communists
The Vietnam War?…………………… The Communists
Labor Unions?……………………….. The Communists
The Soviet Union?…………………… The Communists
The Viet Cong?……………………….. The Communists

And so it was, and it went on and on. By the way, I never did
understand how the Vietnamese people who were fighting against the
French and then the American occupation of THEIR country (sort of
like the Iraqis today) carried the dreaded mantra of "communists".
They wanted what we wanted, a better life and "freedom" for
themselves and their children from foreign (American) occupation and

Events in the 21st century have allowed our government to create a
few new mantras for us, and repeat them over and over again. They
are, "9/11, terror. Terrorists, and terrorism".

OK, so they want to invoke a threat or two into our lives, fine. Be
alert! Be vigilant! Swell. However this is not what the administration is doing. They are using 9/11 and all forms of terrorism as reasons to deny us our previously uncontested protections against the government. The government owns "the biggest shredder" around, and they are using it on our constitution

The "Patriot Act" and all of its "permissions" to spy on ordinary
citizens is an affront to each and every one of us. Protect us, to
whatever extent is reasonable, of course, but to do what they are
doing in order to "spy on us" is not. Congress is debating the
renewal of the act, and many of them are declaring that if we don't
renew and expand the act that we certainly will be attacked.
Borrowing from a fifties mantra of "I'd rather be dead then red",
how about "I would rather violate our constitution then be attacked
by a terrorist". It would be acceptable to become a fascist state
dependent upon "big brother" then to risk being killed by a

What in heavens name is wrong with the notion that if you want to do
so many of these things that you go before a judge, and ASK?

It is time for me to resume my TM and meditate regularly, and hope
the Defense Department does not consider either it or me as a
potential threat as a terrorist, or perhaps one who supports terror!

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