What makes the material ("mothery", LOL) world look real for others than 
enlightened individuals (kRtaarthaaH)? According to PataƱjali it seems to be 
dhaaraNatvam*. This word seems to be abstract noun
 derived from dhaaraNaa, which in YS is the word for the sixth an.ga of yoga. 

 In the 3rd book, vibhuutipaada, dhaaraNaa is the first "step" of the siddhis 

 desha-bandhash cittasya dhaaraNaa. (~daysha-bandhash chittasya dhaaranaa).

 So, are the siddhis just very predictable and precise methods to cause a 
certain kind
 of collapse of the wave function??

 * ...anaSTaM tad anya-saa-dhaaraNatvaat ("common dhaaraNaa-ness"; ablative 
singular from saa-dhaaraNatvam?).


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