Fighting for 'Rights of Conscience'.

 You should see the e-mail chains now in their complexion for this next week's 
'Community Forum' at the meeting hall of Phoenix Rising on 'Super Radiance' and 
the Dome numbers.

 I could wonder if we could start a regular coffee table at Paradiso Cafe in 
morning or Revelations and lunch for Meditator Sons and Daughters of the 
American Revolution for Independence. 

 An 'Om', for genealogy.   

 Same essential issues then as now: rights of conscience.  

 Turns out the fight inside TM is with the colonialism of the TM movement as it 
is in the movement now. Creedal-ist religionists, "If Maharishi said it, it 
can't be changed." who occupy and control the movement and then American 
practitioners, meditators. and initiators and govs and citizens who have no say 
at that level, and Hagelin too as Raja of America too has hardly any, at sway 
and representation at the top 'colonial' level of trustees of the movement, 
over in Europe. ( ! ) 

 I used to describe to people outside the community that it is run as 
corporate-democracy at the top now.  Colonialism is the better more accurate 
model for description.

 Jai Guru Dev,

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