"Transcendence of peace" means to go beyond peace, I am not sure that is what 
you meant. It would mean peace is bypassed. 
The might mean the absence of peace or it could mean something beyond peace and 
non-peace, but not peace itself. 
It could also mean one transcends non-peace, and somehow gains peace, but the 
word order is ambiguous as removing non-peace might be neither peace nor its 
Until enlightenment, expressed as "The Transcendent," this terminology 
considers this goal as an object even though it is the subjective value of 
experience and not an object of experience, it is the value that contains the 
objects of experience and illuminates them (if you think of it dualistically). 
Transcendence is more like a verb than a noun. It implies passage rather than 
You pass beyond ignorance, but the removal of ignorance does not mean you are 
in a different place -- you are in the same place, but not quite so 
half-witted, seeing things clearly for once.
Transcendence as a concept is a stand-in word for the process of renewal and 
repair. The destination is always where you are and this never changes. 
Using transcendent as a noun implies one is at the bottom of the spiritual 
ladder, hopefully looking up to supposedly a better life. If still hoping for 
this, the point of it all is missed once again. Difficult it is to get out of 
this mental straight jacket.
Religion tries to maintain the straight jacket, while spirituality tries to 
break the mould so the nature of freedom and captivity become clear.
If you consider it from a unified perspective, differences pale, it cannot be 
thought because there is no subject or object, even if you were standing in the 
midst of a thunderstorm and being pummeled by hail, deafened by thunder and 
blinded by lightning.
And remember pride is the inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, 
merit, or superiority. "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit 
before a fall." You want to transcend ignorance but pride is an unfortunate 
by-product of ignorance. It is a crutch and shows lack of courage, lack of self 
reliance, a mask of puffed up self image.
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How beautiful are they who preach the Transcendence of peace, and bring glad 
tidings of good things.

Their sound is gone out into all lands,

and their words unto the ends of the world.


Why do the nations so furiously rage together, and why do the people imagine a 
vain thing?

The kings of the earth rise up, and the rulers take counsel together against 
the Unified Field Transcendent, and against it's anointed.

Let us break their bonds asunder, and cast away their yokes from us.

Friends;Transcendentalist pride, evidently in the long course of humanevents 
this is really important to humanity. Transcendental-ism.Certainly if only by 
our life experience as Transcendental-ists weshould all correctly and fairly 
feel strongly and rightfully so inthe -ism of Transcendentalism. With pride. It 
is time to sit up, tostraighten the back and hold our heads high in public 
discourse andtake back Transcendentalism from the fictions of utopia and 
thematerialism of ignorance. It is time for transcendentalists to takeback 
transcendentalism from those who would trammel on our sacred andunified field 
of transcendentalism. It is time. It is time tomeditate and then affect, 
unified and in field effect. N-squared!N-squared is the cosmic cry of these 
times. It is time fortranscendentalists to come up, close ranks and meditate 
once againtogether. The science tells us and our experience shows us. 
Stayclose. Proximity and numbers matter in this fight. I would begrateful to 
any who would join us in this. -Buck 

# Now,Om, Om, Om! The Pride of my Transcendentalism. In changing the 
publicdiscourse around the word Transcendentalism I should count progressin the 
war with some people here who are against Transcendentalismwhen we can have 
some of these real negativists come to ontologicallychange their own thinking 
and feelings about Transcendentalism and Beable to claim themselves as, 
Transcendentalists once again. Theworld should be much a better place and safer 
for with less hate forthe word, Transcendentalism and our own people as 
Transcendentaliststhen. We will never stop fighting until the nature of 
theanti-Transcendental negativistic thinking here is changed. “All weare saying 
is give Peace a chance” as so obviouslyTranscendentalism is the answer inside 
of everything in nature.Finding that 'change' begins within for everyone, even 
the FFLneganauts here, it is time to change some wrong thinking around theword, 
Transcendentalism and take it back for the pride of theTranscendentalist in 
everyone of us. 

-Buckin the Dome 

 In reclaimingTranscendentalism now, for a moment do feel in to the -ist and 
-ismetymology with JossWhedon, 


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# Transcendental-ism.Changing the public discourse. I am in favor of 
Transcendentalism.Yes, I am a transcendentalist with a capitol T. -ist. But 
somethinghas happened to the term, Transcendentalist because of, Utopian. Wegot 
to change that. Let's with science make it more real. And makeit more real by 
having more people meditate. A lot more people. Makeit over. People should be 
proud to be Transcendentalists once again.But it has become a line behind which 
those other have lived before.Thoreau, Emerson, Blake, those German 
Transcendentalists who precededso much of American spiritual and religious 
history, others likeWhitman and Boroughs. We got to do something now to reclaim 
the pride ofTranscendentalism. 

-Buckin the Dome   

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