Meeting 5, Community Forum, Fairfield, Iowa
 Subject:  Super Radiance and the Fairfield Dome Meditation Numbers
 December 13, 2017
 An advertised public meeting held at the meeting hall of Phoenix Rising in 
Fairfield, Iowa

 Scribed Minutes of an Open-microphone for expressing communal Intentions...

 Intending For Super Radiance and numbers meditating in Fairfield..

 That Fairfield, Iowa be known as a Meditation Meccah without limit.

 Intention that there be a feeling of welcome, freedom. 

 That we are together in this alternative community all over town.

 Intend that there be a sense of family with heartfelt commitment to community 
and family.

 That there once again be a feeling of group accomplishment, 
 like before with the 2.5 k meditating in the Domes.

 Encouraging meditators too. (vs. Sidhis-centric super radiance).

 Encourage a healthy environment for children and families, more sidhas, more 
entertainment in the presentation. Spaciousness. 

 Intend that the entire community can be proud. 
 Intending a community goal of having a top lifestyle, an affirming goal in our 
collective consciousness.

 Finding Friendliness, Compassion, Happiness in community. 

 Intending dedicated enthusiasm for drawing on and promoting the resource of 
our students, all ages, and all generations.

 Intend to promote the asset of the gold coming from the silence of meditation 
here, that people come to Fairfield for respite of the silence and the value in 
life of this.

 Intend that the leadership of the ™ movement themselves be in the Dome 
meditation with the group.

 Intend that we stop the teaching (pedagogy) by rote but that there be a new 
narrative with engagement.

 Intend to become a model for other communities.

 In the economy here, that we have Dome friendly jobs again.

 That we support each other going to the Domes.

 That we are having fun as a community.

 Intent on making everyone whole in their relationship with the TM .org.

 Creating better partnerships between the campus and the meditating community 
in processes by which we will create progress.

 Beyond peace and invincibility, market spirituality to the ‘young yogis’ of 
the new generations, in particular. That they come to Fairfield for the 
cultivating spiritual experience we have here.

 That the ™ .orgs be open to adaptability and flexibility themselves (SCI steps 
of Progress)

 These Scribed Notes are of expressed ‘intentions’ from the meeting. 
 The larger meeting progressed on in sequence after the introductions and this 
open ‘intentions’ part of the meeting to officials of the ™ community 
discussing general policy and processings for specific membership in the Dome 
meditation, ending with an open microphone addressing considerations for action 
on how to increase the numbers meditating collectively in Fairfield, Iowa.  

 Towards expanding numbers in the Domes, a long and short of it..

 Encourage people to join conditionally.  People can read the guidelines and 
decide if and how they would want to apply and be part of the group.

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