S, Actually you are the kind of person that is hoped for to have come back. 
Come regardless of what you may have heard of the past administrative state of 
culture here. The Domes are fabulous places to meditate even so. There is a 
great and deep spiritual practice community here. The administrative staff want 
to hear that if you join the group here you’ll practice in the Dome ™ and the 
™-Sidhis program as instructed. That is fair enough as far as their 
facilitating it. The assembly office staff has nothing to do with editing the 
guidelines or policy so there is no point contending with them otherwise about 
the state of the guidelines. 

 The guidelines have been some remediated down now from how restrictive they 
once were over people’s private lives, as they were written and cobbled before. 
Now they are down to three restricting areas: people who particularly have 
studied with and practice Art of Living practices, people who promote or may be 
too involved with other spiritual teachers, and people who promote the use of 
non-Maharishi yagya. The main interest other than in those particular 
paragraphs of the guidelines is that the intent is in facilitating the program 
for people practicing ™ and the ™ Sidhis program simply as instructed, 
uncorrupted by other practices. So it is.  

 With your being out of affiliation for so long, in applying they may wonder 
where you have been(?) And, of course, keeping even these remaining non-compete 
clauses keeps an ‘administrative’ staff busy adjudicating membership that way. 
Mostly they are nice and good people doing a job. Instead of so much work to 
separate people from the Dome program the more recent interest is in getting 
people into the Domes to meditate doing program. 

 You were asking about the program, it is the same basic program you got before 
adjusted for particulars of scheduling to what has been the larger assembly of 
folks that was here after 2006. Apply online ahead of time through their web 
page and when you come to pick up your badge there will be a short orientation 
as to specifics now. It is quite flexible actually.

 Kind Regards from Fairfield, Iowa,


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 Doug H wrote:

 "guidelines for Dome group meditation membership were not directly taken up or 
responded to at the Phoenix Rising meeting.  
 In the preliminary meetings leading up to the Phoenix Rising meeting it was 
summarily expressed that the leadership feels for the status quo, that people 
‘made promises’ and therefore should not be in the Domes for practicing other 
competing systems to MVS, and then it was qualified a little in the process of 
meeting to be more particularly around those who ‘work against’ the movement. " 

 What are the current guidelines for Dome Group meditation membership?
 What promises are being referred to, above, "made promises" ?
 What practices are considered "competing systems to MVS" ? 

 Is there a timeframe for this? That is not practiced for x years?



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