Thanks. This and prior post on ILC are helpful. They confirm my sense of ILC. 
It may be good for at some later point for a retreat period. However, for now, 
I want to get to know the community and explore FF. Living in town works better 
for me for that.  

 For housing rentals, I have been looking at Craigslist/SE Iowa and 
HomeShareFairfield, the Facebook  group. Does anyone have other good sources of 
rental listing?
 Anyone know of  good sites or blogs for information pertinent to relocating to 
FF. Sites like
 are useful but general. 

 I have looked for, but not found, any feet-on-the-ground type of guide, with 
the knowledge locals all know and very relevant to newcomers -- the nitty 
gritty of functioning in a new location.  I have been plugging away, finding 
bits and pieces here and there. I may compile such on a blog or site for other 
potential newcomers.  It could speed up the process of figuring out if FF is a 
viable option for them -- and ease their transition if they decide to take the 

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