Some physicists today are saying the big bang and the creation of the universe 
can be described as a wave function.  IOW, it can be described as a form of a 
hum or celestial music.  Pythagoras and his disciples had described the planets 
to be part of the music of the spheres in the heavens.

 As such, we can apply the principles of music to be similar to  the creation 
of the universe or the big bang.  IOW, the initial hum is the basis of 
transformation that started creation.  Specifically, the hum proceeds into its 
fifth interval which is similar to the next progression in any of the keys in 
music.  Thus, the universe is an eternal hum which follows the musical 
principles that Pythagoras had theorized over 2,000 years ago.

 So, if any of you like the music of Mozart or Stevie Wonder, it is because 
world in you is appreciating the music or tune being played by the composer or 
performer.  This is similar to being in bliss or Samadhi in which the person or 
meditator becomes  one with the universe or the unified field-- the cosmic hum

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