Dear friends,
 I am hosting an Open House on Saturday and Sunday, 1 to 7:00 pm, March 10 and 
11 at 808 S Main St in Fairfield, IA.  My purpose is to provide an opportunity 
to see some of the photography, pastels and collage work Katharine Hanna did 
over the past seven years, to people in the Fairfield region who knew Katharine 
when she lived her in the past, but may not have known she moved back to 
Fairfield in June last year. Many were aware she was in town but were not aware 
of the wonderful photographs she was posting online.   I have selected 11 of 
the images she had posted on her Fine Art America page to have enlarged and 
will be hanging them for the open house, along with some pastels, collages and 
other work.  I hope to screen a self-running video of other photos by Katharine 
and some I took of her on her many photography sessions since 2010, possibly 
including some of Katharine hard at work on post-processing. 
 Katharine was very clear that she was doing art to share her vision with 
others.  So this seems right to me.  I wanted to do something to increase 
opportunities for that to happen. I would be honored if you could join us for 
the open house, whether it’s for a brief visit or longer.  Please come by if 
you can.

 I look forward to seeing you,
 Charles Spencer

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