Brahmananda Saraswati, Maharishi’s teacher (aka, Guru Dev), was both nuanced 
and practical in his talks about this subject, with a sense of humor too. 
Taught of character and morality in this too as they relate to human evolution. 
Once you get in to the discourses and find his voice in them the teaching is 
not so authoritarian but folk practical.  See:



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 "Balanced, nuanced, and realistic."  Nice.  Yes, to each his own.  I  feel the 
need at times to counter what comes across to me as absolutism.    

 Clearly MMY was (or is, for those who believe this way) a person with 
extraordinary charisma and energy and presence and vision and love, too.  The 
movement and practice and knowledge he successfully introduced, translated, and 
interpreted for, and marketed to, the Western masses is astounding.   
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 What I love about you is your positive and friendly and non-judgmental 


 Tell me, what are you trying to accomplish in doing TM?  Enlightenment?  What 
do you think that is going to get you?  What are you expecting to feel like?  
What are you hoping for?  I'm guessing that you want what all human beings 
want, regardless of how they try to get there.  

 It's alright, I realize that this is a forum where TM and MMY are elevated to 
a place of unique and radiant brilliance such  that no other tradition or 
person in the history of mankind could even begin to measure up.  


 For some that’s obviously still true, but most others over the years have 
reached a much more balanced, nuanced and realistic view of MMY.   Those who 
feel the need to still carry on with that kind of hero-worship I just find sad, 
not to mention immature and groveling.  Not that there’s anything wrong with 
that of course...


 To my way of thinking and perceiving....many others, and I mean many, have had 
similar insights - MMY rehashed wisdom that has been around for centuries.  His 
insights aren't novel.  Doesn't mean he isn't brilliant and all that he was 
experienced as when he was alive.  

 For you to summarily dismiss the entire body of wisdom around the word 
"detachment" as false is an incredible statement.  Cracks me up.  
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 thank you, this has got to be the most important quote of Maharishi's that we 
have to remind people of, false ideas about Yoga and detachment are so 
ingrained in people not just in the west but most of all in India, including 
some individuals who are acting in Maharishi's name who repeat that tired out 
false attitude of detachment  junk


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