There is published memoir appearing more frequently in the TM movement 
community now.  Written by gen-X and millennial members of meditating families 
who grew up in the Fairfield, Ia. community and also by elders of the movement 
reflecting back on their time.

One recently published memoir is by someone (Norman Zierold) who was born in to 
the Amana Colony living his early years in Amana communal housing with his 
family there. He is finishing his days here now in Fairfield living inside 
communal housing of the TM movement. I have known him during my whole decades 
ride in ™, both of us being Iowans. I greet him as we pass each other to the 
daily group meditations in the Domes here asking, “How is the Utopian today?” 
While Norman's people were of Amana Colonies to the west of Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
my people were of Hicksite Quaker community settled nearby in the same time to 
the east of Cedar Rapids.

That Reminds Me: A Conversational Memoir by Norman Zierold.

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