As I recall, Susan was the administrative ‘course office’ person on my teacher 
training course with Maharishi in La Antilla, Spain. The course fee was to be 
$1,100 for the three months course but When our group of a thousand or more 
arrived there in Spain to register we were told we needed to pay up another 
$110 then to be on the course (1973 dollars). 
 Folks were pretty upset and she was the spokesperson for a series of meetings 
with people about this. She was the iron lady of deflection brought up to the 
podium on behalf of the movement standing ground then in these meetings. The 
meetings and rancor went on for some time with Susan being the person dealing 
with it from the microphone and at one point Curly Smith, a teacher in those 
days from out West, a big handsome guy, strode across on stage to the 
microphone and speaking without any dispute declared directly to the group, 
“Look, we raised it $110 because we figured we could not get any more out of 
you.”  The honest statement right then put an end to the discussion and the 
course went on from there. Jai Guru Dev.

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 New insider memoir like Rhoda Orme-Johnson's HOWEVER Shumsky says Maharishi 
did have girlfriends. she thinks he had valid reasons to keep that secret. 
A lot of stuff you already know but some new. Deepak and Sri Sri don''t come 
off well.
John Lennon tried to come back after two years and was ignored, Rich and famous 
didn't always work.
 also she says he clearly demonstrated supernatural powers sometimes like 
teleportation or bilocation and omnscience yet
  still made some mistakes / got  some things  mixed-up / wrong  on rare 



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