>From Fairfield’s Julie Mandarino:

I’ve been concerned about the divisiveness in our country. One friend referred 
to it as a civil war. Although that seems rather extreme, my current interest 
is on finding ways to bridge the gap. To that end, I’ve become part of a group 
that promotes dialogue between Liberals and Conservatives, or Blues and Reds. 

The group started when a marriage therapist viewed the political divide in our 
country as akin to a couple on the brink of divorce. He trained some colleagues 
in group facilitation and went around the country leading groups of an equal 
number of Reds and Blues. The outcome was good enough that some other people 
have taken off with the idea.  By now, they have a national organization which 
they call “Better Angels” (not my favorite name).

You may be wondering, why am I writing to you? Apparently there are very few 
people in Iowa who have joined this organization (a total of 3, i think, 
including me). They contacted me to ask if I know any Reds in my area who might 
want to participate. ​​ Do you know any who might be interested in a 
structured, bi-partisan dialogue? If you do, feel free to forward this email to 
them, and they can then contact me about it. 

Here is a link about the group that I posted on FB last week, in case anyone 
wants to know a bit more about it:


If you have any suggestions or thoughts, I’d love to hear them.



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