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 Outside of the YF practice what is going on in the practice is not much spoken 
to like this excerpt further below reveals. 
 The exercise of practice evidently is much more a subtle body gymnastic in a 
shakti, bliss, and transcendence than what people may see as the movement or 
what Fred Travis may be able to measure with physical brainwaves and such.  

 The Etheric Body..

 The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, a name given by neo-Theosophy to a 
vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or 
lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura. It is said to be in immediate 
contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with "higher" 


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Perhaps it's the mahaa-videhaa (great [state of feeling like being] without -[a 
physical] body"ness"), mentioned in the suutra following the YF -suutra?

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 Fair observation, calling it ‘inner flying’ as a label and description is a 
way to break through a conundrum that is had with the Yogic Flying as promoted. 
 Though administrators as the inheritors of TM are not in an easy position to 
reframe what is going on with their Yogic Flying product line, as some should 
like to do.  


 Upfronter writes:

 “It is the experience and inner experience of flying”

Then perhaps it would have been wiser in this day and age to have evolved the 
terminology to “Inner Flying” from its very introduction.

Perhaps the term “Inner Flying” would not then mislead the non-participator who 
is but a witness to the "hopping". 

The term “Inner Flying” would then perhaps be more appropriate to the 
experiencer as it does not directly refer to the “flying” of the physical body.

Rather the physical body which does not “fly” in any likeness of the commonly 
perceived notion of flying such as that of the action of a bird or butterfly or 
maybug, is merely the shell, as the husk of a chestnut is not the chestnut, 
while the inner experience is, for some, one of a feeling of flying whether it 
be from carpet to column, from earth to sky, from cloud to cloud, from star to 
star, or from physical condition to a more refined atmosphere. 

To perhaps generalise a little on a certain perspective of the nature of 
spiritual evolution and the nature of the revelation of truth, it could be said 
that at one given time truth is revealed to a certain group or a people at a 
particular time for a specific purpose. Yet when that truth has played its part 
then new springs of life appear out of the old, and by definition, the old is 


 The old form, venerated and sacred as it might be, having played its part for 
humanity as a whole – generally without that 'whole' being conscious of its 
existence - is ready to be displaced, as it were. The old life, once brimming 
with liquefied revelation, has been taken, crystallised, cemented - and in so 
doing the life has been stifled, suffocated, no longer supplying the required 
sustenance for the spiritual needs and inner desires of the being yearning for 
that spiritual impetus it senses yet misses.

Always there will be a place for the old casket thrown off by the new life 
because always there will be those not witnessing the new life due to being 
transfixed on the old, fired in the kiln of age, not willing or able to climb 
the hill to which the old path has led, so the living must let the dead bury 
the dead, as it were. The old vehicle of truth, now like a shroud, cannot 
contain the new life which has lately arisen and which is displayed to view for 
the eyes that look upward and onward over the perceived horizon.

New life may spring up in the form of new truths yet they are aspects of Truth 
– in Reality there is no new Truth because there is only One Truth which is, 
and has always been, and will always be – but a newer atmosphere for a further 
comprehension of Truth is made possible, and this spiritual evolution, rightly 
understood, is a process that is continued ad infinitum. 

The glorious future is guaranteed…surely a simple motivating thought which is a 
cause for continual celebration...

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 “..Increasingly throughout his life, Maharishi became more and more interested 
in yogic flying compared to meditation. 

 And by yogic flying, Maharishi was repeatedly emphatic. It was about lifting 
off, not just sitting. 

 At least three times during the IAA period, it came to Maharishi's attention 
that someone was not lifting off. He made it completely clear that this is not 
acceptable, should not be considered acceptable or successful practice. He 
wanted to see observable lift off. He said that is what creates the benefit for 
the individual, and that is what creates benefit for society. Whenever it came 
to his attention that someone was not lifting off, he would immediately tell 
them, no, no, you should see the Checker / Master Checker. 
 Who else is in this category? Who else is not lifting off? Raise the hands? 
What is the count? Get together and see the Master Checker, let me know, make 
sure and do this," etc. That is always how he was about it. He wanted success. 

 The analogy I use for myself is that 'practicing' Yogic Flying without lifting 
off is like sitting at the piano without touching the keys and saying (and 
thinking), "I'm practicing playing the piano." 

 The evolutionary difference between lifting off and not lifting off is 
immense. It might be said (or might not) that if one is not lifting off, that 
one is not being successful in the practice. This is why Howard Settle made a 
very crystal clear requirement, and established this, that people must be 
lifting off to be paid on the grant. Although he did not say how that would or 
should be accomplished, he was firm about this, and this was in line with 
Maharishi's thinking and actions. 

 My wife tells me there is not one woman in the Womens' Dome not lifting off, 
at least who are rounding on the IAAssembly. And my impression is that most 
women lift off a lot. The men are so different - very little lifting off. Just 
look around during flying. 

 Maharishi Foundation has developed a thinking to not use the term 'flying' 
because we are not flying through the air. They are doing this partly or mainly 
bec to avoid public criticism. But they are taking it so far as to come across 
to me as wanting to abandon the term 'flying' inside the Movement. 

 This is not evolutionary, and it is also due to the need for more experience. 
Anyone with more experience (from lifting off, and from longer program) that 
there is a continuum of experience between hopping and flying, it is not a 
black and white difference. There is an energy that can come and lift one up 
that is entirely non-muscular. To the extent this happens, it is actually 
flying, not just 'hopping.' It is the experience and inner experience of 
flying. Promoting to say it is not flying is spiritually dull, and also dulling 
to the experience and progress. Saying to not use the word 'flying' inside the 
Movement is to reduce the power and evolutionary effect of yogic flying, to 
dampen the program, to reduce the purity and power of the practice. 

 Not to use the word 'flying' in public is one thing, and I can see the 
practicality of that. But to say not to use it inside the Movement, especially 
among Sidhas, is spiritually dulling, and reflects the need to do more hopping, 
and longer flying time.  Thanks for listening,” ..end paste]

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