Long before ‘science’ has come along now to know it the founding Quakers were 
experienced in the Meissner-like ‘field effect’ of their silent group meetings, 
in method. Jai Guru George Fox. 

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 The simple conclusion, as people understand the degree of statistical import 
now of the science on the Meissner-like beneficial effect from meditation there 
comes a community duty to others to meditate regularly and to meditate in 
groups.  It is time.  


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 “12 published, peer-reviewed articles on violence prevention through the TM 
and TM-sidhi program have put hard-to-ignore numbers on something that 
otherwise might seem like an exercise in wishful thinking."

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 “..There is a 3 in 10,000 trillion probability that the reductions in the 
homicide rate could simply be due to chance.”

 It only takes what?  Evidently only about 2000 people meditating in the same 
place at the same time doing ™ and the ™-sidhi program.

 New, solid, published, peer-reviewed research has indicated once again (in 
replication) how meditation can change the world for the better.  -FF Weekly 



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 ‘ ..the ‘Not everyone agrees’ defense against correlations of science:  “We 
don’t know..it is only probability, ‘correlation is not causation’, it is not 
certain, therefore it may not exist and it would cost too much to implement or 
make any change in public policy, better we should not do anything until we 
know for certain, we should even stonewall the correlation, fire the messengers 
if they get too far with this!’  

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 Brilliant and a fine extension of the scientific process (discourse). Thanks. 
I will forward a link to this to higher authorities for their review. 

 yifuxero writes:
 Let's review some hypotheses and assumptions.

 1. In regard to "modern" scientific inquiry, we may be in agreement  that such 
methodologies are quite limited in scope, since there are vast bodies of 
phenomena beginning with simple psychic experiences that most people "believe" 
are true based on subjective experiences and the testimonials of others. This 
body of "unproved" phenomena extends into such areas as crop circles, alien 
appearances and abductions, cattle mutilations, Big Foot sightings, etc, and 
ultimately, the ME.
 2. Most profoundly and of great importance, is the nature of Gnosis 
(Self-knowledge of the Atman leading to complete Brahman realization). We can 
go back to the early Gnostics to see how this as a Movement gradually gave way 
to Dualistic dogmatic religion.  In the 20-th century prior to WWII, there were 
minor revivals such as the "I AM Movement".  After WWII, we have Yogananda, 
Kirpal Sing, Eckankar,, etc; but most important, MMY.
 Ultimately, we come across (through subjective experience,) the Self - Purusha 
and find a true Paradox:
 The Self (Purusha) is indeed "experiential" but purely so, and as such, is not 
by It's very nature objectively provable or demonstrable to others.
 Thus, in terms of the ongoing evolutionary development of mankind (Cf. MMY, 
Eckart Tolle, and others); the hypothesis has been promulgated that the long 
term "Salvation" of individuals and of mankind is innately connected to Gnosis, 
rather than the dogma of belief systems and dualistic religions.
 Thus, the only way to "prove" Purusha is to experience It for yourself; and a 
tipping point in evolution will occur when vast numbers of people simply 
"overpower": those endowed with dualistic perception alone. This is the 
hypothesis of Tolle's "Heaven on Earth" concept.  When large numbers of people 
are Self-aware, such Gnosis will simply take it for granted as being an 
intrinsic part of life, having no need for "modern science" to prove It's 
existence as the basis of reality.

 3. OTOH, the ME is a SHAKTI-basic phenomena.  Among those practicing TM for 
any significant length of time, a type of perception awakens in which Shakti as 
a subtle type of energy creeps into overall awareness, with a "Shakti-meter", 
allowing people to discriminate between various people and places radiating 
that Energy.  In a sense, Shakti can be considered a subtle type of "field". 
Thus, the TMO's use of the term would be appropriate.

 4. Unfortunately, at this state of modern scientific inquiry, there's no 
empirical evidence for the existence of
 . higher dimensions beyond our materialistic, naturalistic world.  The fact 
that may people have experienced contact with Angels, the dead, and 
interdimensional phenomena is a moot point. Such personal testimonies maketh 
not what's acceptable as "science". If this were the case, nut cases claiming 
Alien abductions and others such as Scientologists AND the TMO would (and 
have!) attempted to make a spurious and dishonest claim for their own versions 
of what "should" be the true post-modern science.

 5. Factually, we are dealing with MODERN scientific methods, not such 
futuristic model of what science "should" be like. If that were not the case, 
the TMO would (and does), have their own make-believe version of science, the 
Scientologists theirs, and the UFO-ologists theirs..  Do I "believe" in the 
existence of Angels, interdimensional entities, and Aliens, as well as very 
common psychic experiences.  Yes!  But all such beliefs are moot.  There must 
be agreed-upon ground rules for exchanging information that conforms to 
accepted "rules" of science.  Do I "believe" that the ME exists?  Yes, but .....

 6. There's no objective way in modern science to measure the magnitude and 
range of  the ME; and indeed, there's no SCIENTIFIC evidence for the existence 
of Shakti.  This fact alone invalidates all of the MUM research involving the 
ME, since the ME is a Shakti-effect, NOT an actual Meissner-effect.  The 
Meissner effect involves a real, observable form of material Shakti.  The ME is 
based on an UNOBSERVABLE (but feelable) form of Shakti not even recognized to 
exist by modern science.  Beyond this fact alone, all other considerations such 
as data analysis become secondary. Since the TMO can't prove the existence of 
the subtle Shakti, the whole hypothesis of ME becomes completely unsupportable

 7. The MUM work fails to have adequate controls.  The results are not a binary 
choice between such effects and "random" possibilities, but rather the 
influence of the SHAKTI vs other possible influences.  Anybody can with equally 
(and nonsensical) validity - claim that such effects were due to Benjamin 
Creme's "Maitreya" or perhaps the Scientology God.  Due to the unfathomable 
nature of karma, it's not possible to isolate individual effects from the 
complete Totality of existence.  The causes likewise likewise can't be 
isolated.  Whose to say that the prayers coming from Christians are not 
responsible.  Why not the countless Pundits in India in thousands of sects, 
doing their Pujas and Yagyas?   The idea that the TMO can isolate both the 
causes and effects with precision, from the Totality of existence, and then 
claiming that their statistical data proves such a relationship is totally 

 8. If the existence of subtle Shakti has been corroborated by scientific 
methods, please give the citation. If no such evidence an be provided, the 
proponents of such "field" effects have no foundation for their claims.
  Robert L. Park https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_L._Park, research 
professor and former chair of the Physics Department at the University of 
Maryland, called the study a "clinic in data distortion".[14] 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hagelin#cite_note-Park2000pp29-31-14 In 1994 
a science satire magazine, Annals of Improbable Research 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annals_of_Improbable_Research, "awarded" Hagelin 
the Ig Nobel Prize https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ig_Nobel_Prize for Peace, "for 
his experimental conclusion that 4,000 trained meditators caused an 18 percent 
decrease in violent crime in Washington, D.C."[34] 


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 In defense of the research it is said,
 “..in order to be published in a leading independent scientific research 
journal, our papers are subject to a rigorous review process by non-meditating 
scholars, most of whom are highly skeptical of our theory, and who intensively 
review our research and methods to insure that they meet the highest standard 
of research quality.  Only a very small proportion of all scientific research 
of any kind is done well enough to be accepted into leading peer-reviewed 

"..Many people have many opinions on how to improve things-- better policing, 
healthier economies, more guns, less guns, etc. But all these interventions are 
hard to agree on or hard to implement.”  -Article published in the FF Weekly 

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 The dispute seems mainly to be over how science works.
 One could wonder about some of the skepticism given out on the internet, given 
some nature of some personal narrative of a hurt with the meditating movement  
or personal ideologies of some of the people who are in categorical vehemence 
against meditation and ™ in particular, if they could read this research with 

 “The more critical  reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes.. 
Overvalued reason has this in common with political absolutism: under its 
dominion, the individual is pauperized.” -Carl Gustav Jung

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 In context these papers being published are a movement ahead just doing the 
science evidently disputing the old saws of criticism. As painful as this 
current science seems to be for some of the skeptical, evidently for different 
reasons, the ‘replications’ and statistical p-value significance of this 
science are in fact noteworthy interesting science process in the postmodern.   

 That's the problem: There's zero "controlled testing".  Just another feeble 
attempt to prove the ME (The Maharishi - Effect, now called the Meissner-like 
effect.. I'm not saying there's no ME.  It's simply beyond the capacity of 
modern science to measure it objectively. Correlation is not causation.  How 
many times do people need to repeat that?

 Yes, more controlled study is certainly needed to to drill down into 
understanding the Meissner-like effect mechanism of meditation.  Healthy 
skepticism of the correlation hardly negates the certainty of the published 


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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Statistical Fact: new Maharishi 
Meissnner-like Effect article published
   Yes, and apparently there are more papers coming to be published with a 
similar level of certainty based on publicly available public health stats.   

 The 'replication' in certainty of their observations coming in to an aggregate 
as statistical fact seems to get more and more uncomfortable for some critics 
who may for ideological reason would like to believe otherwise, sort of like it 
seems for science-deniers in other areas of public policy and publicly 
available data sets. These papers on meditation will probably be available to 
read from other channels in time, places like Truth about ™ and Honest Truth 
about ™.  They are not in the farm journals I subscribe to. I will see who I 
run into around here as to getting copies that we can all easily read.   

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  archonangel wrote :

 .. is there a published data set of dome numbers since the construction of the 

 It would be nice to see. I am not disputing the possibility there is the 
stated effect, but that there are other correlations that are just as plausible 
such as safer cars.

 The promotional PDF states, "For example, the reduction in motor vehicle 
fatality rates could not be explained by the total number of vehicle miles 
traveled, weather patterns, the proportion of young drivers, improved vehicle 
safety features, improved roadway conditions, or alcohol consumption."

 But the promotional document gives no indication how those conclusions were 
arrived at. The paper needs to disprove these alternative explanations, not 
just dismiss them. Maybe they are in the full paper?

 The federal government seems to think auto safety features are the reason for 
the fatality decline, which is the most plausible explanation.

 There is also Journal Quality as a metric for published research.There is 
something called the h-index which is a metric used to evaluate this. The top 
Journals Nature, and Science, have an h-index of 948 and 915 respectively while 
the Journal of Consciousness Studies ranks 49, not very good by comparison, 
though some journals rank 0. 

 Another ranking called SJR (SCImago Journal Rank) has Nature and Science at 21 
and 13 respectively, and the Journal of Consciousness Studies ranks at 0.25. 

 These rankings indicate that poorer quality scientific papers get published in 
this consciousness journal, that fewer scenentists are interested in stuff 
published here. If you are a scientist, not very good, and want to be 
published, then you look for lower ranked journals to try to get published.

 The journal wants almost $30 for a PDF of the full paper, which is only 
summarized by the PDF posted here. 

 Does one of the scientists have a copy they could send you which you could 
post? They usually have these things on hand.

 The Contribution of Proposed Field Effects of Consciousness to th...: Ingenta 


 The Contribution of Proposed Field Effects of Consciousness to th...: Ingen... 
By Cavanaugh, K.L. 

 Another point, Scientific Journals are not Scripture.

 But continue to meditate. The byproducts of meditation, whatever they are, are 
not as important as enlightenment.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Statistical Fact: new Maharishi Meissner-like 
Effect article published


 These published papers as hypothesis testing appear now as 'critical' 
replications in the correlation process of science. 
 Observations and correlations about meditation and well-being were made 
throughout the last half of the 20th Century in published pilot research.  A 
rightly skeptical criticism of that body of scientific research conducted has 
been that much which was substantial was without “replication”.   

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