Real radiation danger is 5G

By Einar Olsen | Apr 05, 2018 
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To the editor:

Thanks for your article on smart meters’ wireless radiation. The National 
Cancer Institute and the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the 
World Health Organization (WHO) have both announced a clear link between 
non-heating wireless radiation and cancer. Last week, the two largest studies 
to date announced the same - an expert panel commenting on the National 
Toxicology Project (NTP) of the U.S. government, and Italy’s prestigious 
Ramazzini Institute.

Although Alliant’s brochure states, “smart meters are similar to many other 
wireless devices,” and “...radiation ha[s] not been clearly shown to cause 
problems,” thousands of published studies have shown this is untrue, clearly 
showing harm from wireless radiation. About a third of the studies funded by 
the wireless industry itself state harm, and about two-thirds of the studies 
funded outside the wireless industry state harm.

Alliant’s statement that “the amount of ... radiation ... from a smart meter is 
much less than ... from a cell phone” has also been called false by many highly 
credentialed experts, such as Dr. Joel Moskowitz (School of Public Health, 
University of California).

Important: Allliant offers an opt-out program using a utility meter that is not 
a smart meter - no RF radiation: Itron Corporation’s Centron C1S. Four 
qualified electrical engineers have measured and/or disassembled the Centron 
C1S and found no more potential for harm than a little digital clock. No 
evidence has been offered that the Centron C1S produces significant “dirty 
electricity” with its potential harmful effects.

But smart meters, as harmful as they may be, are a small portion of the massive 
wireless inundation roll-out taking place right now in this country. The 
federally prioritized ‘5G’ project calls for

• small cell towers every 250 feet throughout our society

• 10,000 Wifi satellites going up now, hundreds at half the distance of current 
Wifi satellites

• a far more intense form of radiation called “phased array” - a focused beam – 
with probably more potential for harm than the current dispersed “blanket” type 
cell tower wireless coverage.

A 2017 review of many wireless studies showed that the longer one is exposed to 
wireless radiation, the greater the cancer risk. Studies have also shown 
greater cancer risk in children exposed to wireless radiation. The convenient 
fashion of wireless radiation has been compared to smoking - toxicity 
accumulates, eventually to the breaking point.

Fifty-two bills currently exist in Congress to facilitate this 5G system. Many 
jump on the bandwagon of fashion and convenience, although study after study 
indicates 5G danger. Iowa residents should:

• reduce cell phone use to a minimum,

• do not hold a cell phone near one’s head,

• opt out of smart meters

• contact Alliant Energy and the Iowa Utility Board to demand a more reasonable 
opt out that does not require reading one’s own meter and paying double the 
national average.

And, let Mark Chelgren, Phil Miller, our county supervisors, and city council 
know how concerned you are about 5G and its visual and electronic deployment.

 — Einar Olsen, Fairfield


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