I started developing pronounced heart palpitations, or erratic heart beat, 
after 50 years of age. After a few years of ignoring it, the condition seemed 
to be permanent. At the same time, I started getting dizzy or light-headed 
whenever rising from bending over or crouching down. That condition became more 
and more pronounced until it started happening almost all the time. To cut to 
the chase, I started taking Maharishi Amrit Kalash nectar and ambrosia 
religiously every day. Within one month both those conditions disappeared 
completely. And now, two full years later, I'm still taking those two products 
regularly and have not seen a re-emergence of the symptoms I described. I had 
no idea the products would be that successful. I'd have been happy with 60 or 
70% relief. But 100%??? And another benefit that I've been reluctant to talk 
about until now, because I wanted more time before jumping to any conclusions 
-- I haven't gotten a cold or flu since I started to take the products. No 
joke. I've always been quite healthy all my life. And I sometimes went a whole 
year without catching a cold or flu. But 2 years is very unusual. I'm certainly 
exposed as much as anyone, I think. And I have felt the beginning stages of a 
cold or flu trying to get a foothold in my system. But it has not persisted 
more than 12 hours or so. It's really amazing. I highly, highly recommend those 

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 just try a little Maharishi ayurveda cardio support   can be called by 
different name elsewhere. you can also use a similar heart formula from india   
divya hrdyamrit vati   very quick actingand powerful   but don't take that one 
for long as it is not as mild and universally applicable as the Maharishi 
Ayurveda otc formulas.

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