No one under 45. A young meditator’s course. 
 As some part of succession planning for the larger movement will they keep the 
elder (over 45) corporate colonial patriarchy of governance away from running 
the course too? Have some women involved in running it, teaching from the 
microphone podium?


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 Your personal invitation to the Event of the Year! 
 The first International Young Meditators' Course, to be held at a beautiful 
location on the sandy coastline of the Black Sea in Mamaia, Romania, builds on 
the overwhelming success of seven years of joyful European Young Meditators' 

With the support of TM Together and ELI, the 2018 course is expanding to have a 
global reach, inviting young Meditators, Sidhas, and TM Teachers (up to about 
45 years)  from all countries of the world. 

Join us for 10 days of extended practice of Transcendental Meditation, 
inspiration, and connection—with more than 150 of your closest TM friends!

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