Based on the Drake equation, there should be millions of civilizations in the 
universe that are intelligent to communicate with others in their light sphere. 
 Why don't we notice any of them?  It may be possible that they're more 
advanced in their evolution to understand the meaning of existence and the 
unity of life everywhere. 

 It may be possible that they understand their own individual self is part of 
the Self or Being that comprise the entire existence in the world.   On the 
other hand, there may be species out there, which have not yet evolved to 
develop science and technology.

 In the Srimad Bhagavatam, it is written that Narada, a rishi, was able to 
traverse the universe to teach others of the Vedic knowledge.  So, if this is 
true, then there are other civilizations which have learned the wisdom from 
Narada and his disciples.  If so, they may have learned that the Bliss is 
everywhere in the universe and may have already understood us in their 
consciousness even before we met them.



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