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Dear Fairfield, 
We are at the 11th hour of getting our Bill into the batch of Bills that will 
be voted on Saturday night. We do still have an opening for being one of the 
Bills that gets voted on tomorrow. After tomorrow this Session is over until 
next January which will be our next chance to get a Bill passed, if we are 
lucky enough to not have gotten smart meters beforehand. 

What we need you to do immediately today (and it has to be today) is to flood 
certain members of the House and Senate with phone calls and emails insisting 
that this Bill be passed. 

The certain members to flood right now are:
- Senator Mark Chelgren, 
- the President of the Senate, Senator Charles Schneider <> 
- the House Representative Pat Grassley, <> Head of the 
House of Representatives - Appropriations Committee - (This is not Chuck 

They have the most clout and interest for this situation, and may make that 
extra effort to be sure that our Bill makes it into this last category, so 
everyone can vote “Yes” on our Bill.  

Please email these 3 people "Please consider for a Standing Bill -  the Bill 
known as -  the Resurrected Curt Hansen Bill For Freedom Of Choice Of Meter And 
The Right To Keep Our Analogs, Or Return To Our Analogs."

If anyone feels industrious - we could also email the other Legislators.  But 
probably not yet; we don’t yet even have our Bill in the priority to vote on.  
They are deciding right now on 51 Bills -  to go in Standing catagory (voting). 
Our Bill is not in that Standing catagory yet, but it is being considered. 

If anyone can do a yagya for this in such short notice…..great.
Let's pray also. Support on the subtle. Everyone should see this as done, and 
feel the joy of being done.  See it all in bliss. 

Please pass this on as much as possible - calling friends also. Will keep you 

Dr. Lisa Ashelman
Technologies of World Peace
(641) 469 3110

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