The astrologer did not mention that there will be volatility in the stock 
market due to the fact that the conjunction of Mars and Ketu is placed in the 
2nd house of the US national chart, the significator of interest rates.  
Further, Capricorn is the 5th house from Saturn, the significator of the 
Federal Board which controls the interest rates for the government.  And 
Capricorn is the 5th house from the 10th house, meaning that the stock market 
will be affected by the changes in interest rates.



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 YouTube sites are amp'ed up by loss of Arctic Sea Ice and rapid climate 

 'End of timers' getting going too. 'The end is neigh'.  SOS, repent!

 Rationalists urgent over pending species extinction..  
 v=ylFQJEH3mAg  joni patry
 am told this guy is closer to Maharishi jyotish.. channel/ UCNmzxNuG8IZHe0QwSxILhEg  Rick Veda



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 Buckle up?  Safe to say, Earth Changes... 
 2018 Signs and World Predictions:What will this year Bring for You?



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 What up?  The Eclipse? 
 What does jyotish recommend about the pending Aug 21 [2017] eclipse?
 For the totality, stay inside or go out and look at it?
 Does the eclipse affect jyotish charts? 
 What is the shorthand recommend for the eclipse?


 Staring at the sun or an eclipse of the sun will ruin your eyes | Myth Busters 
| Patty Vision Centers - Eyecare of Residents of Burlington, Roxboro and 
Yanceyville, NC



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 I have never spent much time or money with jyotish as an ‘add-on’ to TM 
 but Fairfield, Iowa has quite a lot of people trained up in jyotish and 
Western astrology.  
 You can walk in most any eatery and ask patrons sitting there to get a quick 
answer to, what is up in jyotish?  
 Some people are really into it.  

 Yesterday I asked someone who was working on something else, just what is up 
with jyotish?

 Here is the shorthand accounting:
 [ 2016 ]
 Aug 18th Lunar Elcipse

 Aug 24 Saturn and Mars @ 15degrees of Scorpio, Transit characterized by ANGER. 
There is a star in Scorpio that is the war star in combination with Mars etc.. 
makes it all particularly difficult. 

 Aug 26 Jupiter Venus Mercury in Virgo  (something about Saraswati yoga, good 
to be meditating)

 Aug 30 Mercury retrograde in Virgo  =Havoc in Communication

 Sept 17  Mars Exits Scorpio,  the most difficult period passes 


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