From what I've read,  MMY considered the TM Siddhi Program, especially the 
flying yoga, to be the top of the line in TM techniques.   He considered this 
to be better than the various advanced techniques that were offered to people 
who have learned the initial TM mantra.  

 I've heard of rumors that there are some TMers who have levitated and not hop 
as we commonly see in the public videos.  There were even rumors that there 
were some people who were able to walk through walls.  

 Personally, I would like to hear stories of some TMers who can tell us that 
they have seen MMY in their visions and what the TMO will become in the next 
few years.


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 Folks splinted off to separate groups which are private unlike FFL or FFL-2.  
This was never much a place for "true believers" anyway as the TMO has their 
own places for that.  TM to me became Yoga Lite after I became aware of it's 
limitations.  MMY not being an acharya sort limited what he could.  Those who 
wanted more moved on.
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 The rabble rousers have gone voluntarily or otherwise.  Barry, the café 
poster,  was chased out of here by the women in the group a few years ago.  
Judy and Anne left for having lost their favorite nemesis.  Emily from Seattle 
just recently became silent.  Rick Archer left to manage his BATGAP.  Curtis, 
the blues player, here left soon after his buddy, Barry, was sacked.  Bhairitu 
is still around but does not post as much.  There were others but I forget 
their names.  You may find them at Fairfield 2, the alternate place for those 
who don't like this place.  Someone here might be able to tell you their web 
address.  But I lost track.

<dbraff8@...> mailto:dbraff8@... wrote :
 This used to be a very active site.  It looks like it now has 5% to 10% of the 
postings it once did.  Have people lost interest in this sort of group or moved 
on to others?


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