‘Should’ often reads like ‘ought to’. 
 In spiritual movement who could, who is going to organize this? 
 Clergy, politicians, profit or non-profit orgs?  
 It would seem clerics, religion and governments, the churches and gurus have 
lost a lot of moral standing for movement to lead this in so many ways, not the 
least of which is in a #MeToo world since December. 
Who is going to rise to give voice and lead a kind spiritual movement in this 
day and age? The DLF, aid workers and good works? Physics professors on 
YouTube? A spiritual populist? An Avatar? A transformational transmission of 
large Nature on the mount sermon?

 r_esq writes:  

 Yes, indeed!  That was a powerful sermon.  The message was delivered to the 
people who were there and heard the words of the bishop.  The words should 
resonate in the world-- at least for a little while anyway...


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 I notice the sermon delivered at the Royal Wedding last weekend too that spoke 
about this transmission that can be given through shakti.  Lectures hold 
different nomenclatures and possibly in physics lectures or sermons from 
pulpits in an advanced lecture there are Mahavakyas that can spark it in the 
human system too.  

 Love is the way | Bishop Michael Curry's captivating sermon - The Royal 
Wedding -


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 There was a satsanga in meditating Fairfield this last weekend about this. 
 Involved the direct transmission by the human system of primordial life, of 

 Was visceral and enlightening for old meditators out in the desert of 
 If he comes back to Fairfield it is evidently worth some time to sit with him. 
A powerful Brahman consciousness kind of system to sit with. Does not teach 
techniques or anything, just sit with him by transmission. A healer that way. 
 http://www.davidspero.org/ http://www.davidspero.org/

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