Delusional infantile fantasy would be a more apt and accurate take on this 
childish nonsense, i.e., as far as "time travel" is concerned. Science fiction 
fueled by science fantasy; the contemporary world is awash with this type of 

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> Given the new scientific paradigms that are being set by scientists like Tom 
> Campbell and researchers in academia, we're finding out that the universe is 
> a simulation and is a virtual reality like a computer game in a cosmic 
> computer.  In essence, everything is based on information, like 0's and 1's 
> in a computer program.  When the next genius, like Einstein, comes around he 
> or she may find a way to program Nature to travel in time or travel in warp 
> speeds.  From what I'm foreseeing,  objective science and materialism are not 
> the key to understand Nature and the universe.
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