In TM we say “Jai Guru Dev” a lot; but, what did Guru Dev Swami Brahmananda 
Saraswati (Maharishi’s teacher) have to say about morality and behavior? Let us 
look at this for a bit.
 Let us look more at what Maharishi’s teacher had to say about character and 

 As a matter of principle, one should reject those deserving rejection and 
honor those deserving honor. If unworthy people are honored, then their number 
will increase and their stench will spoil society. -SBS
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 Consideration of bad spiritual morality and bad character in behavior runs 
throughout Brahmananda Saraswati’s discourses. Like discourses #17, 19, 22, 33, 
50 and throughout, morality by what enhances spirituality or does not as a 

 Of bad morality and bad character different people have dealt with their 
feelings around behavior displayed in the communities ofTM differently. There 
evidently was some good, bad, and ugly in it. 

 Maharishi’s teacher counselled practically in his spiritual discourses on how 
to deal with bad morality and bad character. Communities continue now within TM 
and folks around TM evidently have practically taken a range of disposition 
about behavior as they see it. Not unlike what we are learning about how people 
dealt with the behavior of sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation in the 
Harvey Weinstein & that company culture example.   


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 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teacher, (Guru Dev)Swami Brahmananda Saraswati was 
both nuanced and practical in his talks about this subject of discernment and 
spiritual morality. He taught of character and morality too as they relate to 
human spiritual evolution. Once you get in to the discourses and find his voice 
in them the teaching is practical spirituality told with a sense of humor too.  

 Teaching #19 
 The false man can get no peace even if he is as rich as Kubera (God of Wealth) 
 Because of the absence of dharma in education, people's ability to 
discriminate between do's and don'ts has weakened. People think that whatever 
they are doing is correct. The belief, "I'll go to hell if I sin," has almost 
vanished. Because of this, falsehood has exploded in society nowadays. People 
seem to think that the meaning of life is to just attain sensory pleasures. 
Further, people have become unconcerned about the means by which they obtain 
the wealth necessary to have these sensory pleasures. Even so, it is certain 
(niścita) that engaging in wrong dealings for the purpose of earning money will 
never result in peace.  
 Lack of good company (satsaïg) has increased characterlessness. Nowadays 
people do not believe they can manage without resorting to dishonesty 
(beãmanã), and they have no faith in the future or in Vi÷vambhara.64 Have faith 
in Paramàtmà, and conduct your affairs honestly. By doing so, you will feel 
satisfied in this life, and satisfaction is the true form of happiness. As it 
is said, santoùa paramaü sukham.65 A liar cannot be peaceful in this life even 
if he is as rich as Kubera. He will always be doubtful and his heart will burn 
[anxiously]. Thus he will not be happy in this world, and even in the other 
world, he will be ruined. 

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 What is Conscionable?

 Those voices recorded on all sides of the Rajneeshpuram documentary are such 
studies in dynamic of trust: from a trusting ‘benefit of doubt’ to extending 
trust, to violating trust. Bad character in trust evidently is consequently 
hurtful spiritually as it happens.   

 Teaching #22 
 “Honor those who deserve honor, disdain those who deserve disdain. 
 Mingling with characterless people is like listening to the Gãtagovinda or 
Sårsàgar from a whore. If you drink water from the Ganges, take it from where 
the stream is clean; don't drink Ganges water flowing from a gutter. If a 
teacher is of good character, then listen to him. If you follow the words of a 
characterless person, it only serves to magnify your own lack of character. 
 The character of a Bhagavàn devotee must be exceedingly good. You should 
understand that if someone is of poor character, he is not a [real] devotee, 
and is just putting on a show to cheat people. Save yourself from such 
deceitful people, and save innocent pious people from them. 

 Only he who is endowed with character is fit to be respected. A sweetmeat 
(laóóå) made of bad ghee will be crooked and bad; but when made of pure ghee, 
its shape will be good. If somebody declares that he is spreading devotional 
teachings of Bhagavàn, then he should have an impeccable character. Only then 
will people know that through devotion to Bhagavàn (the Transcendent), all past 
sins can be destroyed and present problems can be overcome.  
 As a matter of principle, one should reject those deserving rejection and 
honor those deserving honor. If unworthy people are honored, then their number 
will increase and their stench will spoil society.”  -Swami Brahmananda 
Saraswati, Maharishi’s teacher. 



 Of Spiritual morality and ethical behavior,

 inside Swami Brahmananda Saraswati's discourses the importance of moral 
behavior and the company we keep is very much a thread that runs through his 
satsanga. SBS groups together the study of spiritual works, cultivating 
transcendence (meditation practices)  and also behavior that does not impugn 
the spiritual subtle system.

 The discourses are short talks given as practical spirituality. They are 
erudite and grounded with folk sense of countryside humor (mid-20th Century). 
For the discourses of Swami Brahmanada Saraswati find:

 [ email reply..
 This has nothing to do with being 'judgmental.'
 Just about everyone associated with the IAA knows that 'minding one's own 
business'  has to do with how we do our Program. That is clear from the context 
of Maharishi's saying it on his talks, which we hear all the time. It may not 
be clear for anyone who do not hear those talks all the time. ]

 Later on MMY counseled a type of self discipline.. to be happy and "mind your 
own business" towards being regular practicing meditators and ‘on the program’ 
as a basis for behavior. This instruction would be a spiritual working ethic 
maybe different from social cultural ethic like the Golden Rule, that kindness 
seems overtly more to do with effects of behavior on subtle psycho-spiritual 
light-bodies of people.

 What is unconscionable, in TM? "Thou shalt not.."
 Anything particularly unconscionable, hurtful, in the community of TM?

 The Transcendentalists’

 In the ™ movement we were told some little details about Maharishi’s teacher 
Guru Dev, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. About how Maharishi first met SBS and 
also about how Guru Dev found his own teacher. On advanced training residential 
courses with Maharishi back in the 1970’s for those of us who were TM teachers 
there was a typed one page translated discourse of Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, 
of Guru Dev’s that was let to be passed around. This was the talk warning of 
the selling of life for the price of spinach. An advice that held intrinsic 
value that was important clarification, like a moral wake up, for people in TM 

 Discourse 59
 “After experiencing 8,400,000 births, we have obtained this rare human body; 
don't waste it. Each and every moment of life is very valuable. And if you 
don't understand its value? Then you will have nothing else to do but weep, and 
you will have nothing in your hands in the end.  
 You are a human being, therefore you have the power to discriminate what is 
good and what is bad, and you can accomplish the greatest human goals. Don't 
think of yourself as weak or fallen. Whatever has happened in the past, 
understand that it was done unknowingly. But now be careful, begin doing the 
type of acts appropriate for a human being. Discern for yourself what is good 
and what is bad. Adopt the good and reject the bad.
 As a human being, if you don't know Paramàtmà (the Transcendent), then 
understand that you have sold a diamond for the price of spinach. One does not 
worship Paramàtmà for the sake of Paramàtmà. One worships Paramàtmà to remove 
one's own sorrow, lack of peace, ignorance, and lack of power. Paramàtmà is all 
knowing, omnipotent, and full of limitless bliss. Through worship, one can 
grasp on to his unending power. The fulfillment of this superb act is the real 
purpose of human life. If there is no effort made toward this, then understand 
that you have cheated yourself.”

 Evidently there is a behavioral axis between self-interest and altruism.. 
 and maybe not strictly related to 'consciousness', as we have seen.  


 A hardwired morality of self-interest v Altruism..

 In a core worldview that life is nakedly a selfish struggle for money and 
dominance the great act of moral decoupling woven through this in this 
worldview, morality has nothing to do with anything.  Altruism, trust, 
cooperation and virtue are unaffordable luxuries in the struggle of all against 
all. Everything is about self-interest.
 Powerful, selfish people have always adopted this dirty-minded realism to 
justify their own selfishness. The problem is that this philosophy is based on 
an error about human beings and it leads to self-destructive behavior in all 
 The error is that it misunderstands what drives human action. Of course people 
are driven by selfish motivations — for individual status, wealth and power. 
But they are also motivated by another set of drives — for solidarity, love and 
moral fulfillment — that are equally and sometimes more powerful.
 People are wired to cooperate. Far from being a flimsy thing, the desire for 
cooperation is the primary human evolutionary advantage we have over the other 
 People have a moral sense. They have a set of universal intuitions that help 
establish harmony between peoples. From their first moments, children are wired 
to feel each other’s pain. You don’t have to teach a child about what fairness 
is; they already know. There’s no society on earth where people are admired for 
running away in battle or for lying to their friends.
 Paraphrase, -David Brooks, NYTimes

 MMY would tell us simply, ‘never do that which you know to be wrong’. In 
behavior by spiritual standard of what enhances or is withering to spiritual 
progress, certainly in life as we live it this would seem to say, in the 
pursuit of happiness 'repent those sinful ways' that are hurtful to and against 
spiritual progress in your own life or in the lives of others. 'Repent! Right 
now, make haste!' 


 From e-mail:

 If one looks at all the criticism of the Mvmt over the years, most of it boils 
down to lack of 'development of the vertical at the expense of the horizontal.' 
 That is a cerebral way to put it, development of consciousness at the expense 
of relationships, including ethics and mgmt, most of the rest boils down to the 
need for more professional training in the area concerned.
 ™’ers are not more moral or ethical. 

 We can't become a religion or ethical society by talking about ethics. That 
would not work for the Mvmt. We are here to teach transcending. But we should 
talk ethics and morals, esp ethics, among ourselves in the Mvmt. But I focus on 
mgmt for the reason I gave.

 Evidently ethical behavior may not be correlated with 'development of 
consciousness'.. As in TM science research ‘moral reasoning’, morality is 
simply reduced and measured in standard testing as ‘quick thinking’ which 
apparently is not necessarily the same measure as ethical or compassionate 
behavior.  Long time meditators or gurus though potentially more ‘aware’ 
evidently are not necessarily more ethical. Ethical spiritual virtues evidently 
are felt in life by the human spiritual body and ethical behavior on a 
‘behavioral axis’ it seems is cultivated differently in life by culture. 
Spiritually cultivated ethics felt and lived apparently is very much about the 
condition of spiritual life in the body (polyvagal?) and not necessarily 
related directly to a consciousness continuum of states of consciousness in the 
head (brainwaves). 

 Yes, evidently the heart of spirituality is embodied in the Polyvagal and 
affected in its expression by spiritual practices such as meditation, culture 
and epigenetic stress. It seems that In an awake conscious life, as 
transcendentalists call this, ‘a life well lived’, that ethical behavior is 
felt primarily by whether behavior enhances or withers spiritual life.  That 
simple. A felt discernment of a whole of the spiritual human system of being. 

 yifuxero writes: 
 Thx, the development of the Polyvagal nervous system (physical representation 
of empathy and  compassion); appears to be (or can be) somewhat independent of 
the states of Consciousness mentioned by MMY.
 Thus, it does not necessarily follow that a person in (CC, UC....) is well 
developed in regard to empathy, compassion, and free from Narcissistic 

 Spirituality and the ‘Behavioral Axis’..

 FW: a narrative:

 “People in the meditating community are not by any means fully developed, I 
see dysfunctional, disrespectful behavior often in and out of the Dome. I see 
people having a lot of experience of CC (cosmic consciousness) who often do not 
behave like saints. I know of one man who says he went into CC in high school 
and is now full of GC, UC and BC experience and often reports them to IAA 
anonymously. I asked an employee of his what it was like to work for him. The 
employee said, "It's all about him." and “That saint does not know how to treat 
employees / people”. My spouse is a friend of the  wife, and told me that the 
saint's wife said more or less the same thing about living with him.

 Higher states of consciousness, and being on the path of them, is not all 
there is to sainthood or life. That's one thing that has become clear esp in 
the past years. There is the behavioral axis also. Ultimately, all is one, but 
in practice, these often need to be treated as two.  Otherwise, one ends in the 
mood-making soup. Administration needs to be skilled, and ‘sainthood’ 
appreciated and guided. “


 Despite their zeal, in perversity they perish.
 Om how humankind blame the Divine Pitrs.  
 From us they say comes evil,
 but through their own perversity are more than is their due
 they meet with sorrow.
 Forewarned, for vengeance follows.
 The opening council, Paraphrasing,
 -Homer, The Odyssey


 Communal Scruples? Asking around, apparently some individuals have been 
ejected from the movement community as sexual predators, copping conning 
abusing while using jyotish, or bullying a spiritual status on their victims.
 Some number of years ago a flamboyant guy who infamously was preying on MSAE 
age girls was threatened with arrest by a father then who was an attorney and 
the guy subsequently left Fairfield.  
 Evidently more recently some guy who had been on Purusha was using jyotish and 
spiritual specialness to sexually predate young women and also conning money, 
the guy evidently was evicted from Utopia Park and kicked off campus.
 Another longtime predator preying by specialness and general nuisance of the 
meditating community was purposely separated from the movement some long time 
ago is still separated and about.  
 In more recent times a warning went out by e-mail around the meditating 
community about someone returning to town who had fleeced by con some lot of 
money from people in investment scams.   


 Would be, communal norms..

 Yifuxero writes:

 The definition of unconscionable = doing something you know to be wrong?  
Doesn't make sense. ISIS killers are performing A-dharmic acts that they 
believe are right. Belief or unbelief in an action doesn't dictate the degree 
of Conscionable-ness.

 Conscionable = Dharmic?
 I'm still trying to figure out how/where King Tony became rich enough to 
purchase a beach-front property in FL.


 Evidently there are some communal scruples that can operate along the lines of 
the Golden Rule as members generally may become adversely affected by some 
criminally asocial behaviors inside or around the TM community. Though the 
processes may not necessarily appear transparent.  


 Conscionable .. Is there anything that is unconscionable, in TM? “Not right or 
reasonable” “Unreasonably excessive” M would advise us, 
“Never do that which you know to be wrong”. 

 Are there things Reprehensible, in TM? Synonyms for Reprehensible: deplorable,

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