Someone was telling that parts of the Charlie Lutes archive have been sold and 
sent away, parted out. $  

 Too bad they did not all go together to a bonafide University special 
collections library, a place like University of California Santa Barbara 
University Library Special Collections where the material all could be viewed 
and researched.   

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 Charlie Lutes Memoirs published

 Charlie Lutes Memoirs published
 Maharishi gave Charlie permission to publish his account of the historic 
founding of the TM Movement.
 Marty Zucker’s book, “Messenger of Bliss-How Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Set Off to 
Heal the World” is this historic account as it was told to him by Charlie.
 This book is available for free reading as a downloadable pdf e-book.
 Here is the link: eBooks/WPLBN0100003011.aspx
 Or eBooks/WPLBN0100003011- 
Messenger-of-Bliss--How- Maharishi-Mahesh-Yogi-Set-Off- 
to-Heal-the-World-by-Zucker- Martin.aspx
 Please pass this link to your friends.

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 Lecture:  The Gold Mine in Your Backyard
 by Charlie Lutes 

 Charlie Lutes was an early student of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the West in the 
days of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement from the late 1950's, 1960’s… 

 As humans we are mainly concerned with the relative, yet the absolute truth 
underlies everything in creation and is the basis for all the laws of creation. 
As adults, like children, we must grow into truth. Truth could not be poured 
out on us indiscriminately because we would drown in truth rather than 
gradually grow into, or absorb, the truth. As we grow into truth we become more 
responsible and as a result more and more truth is added unto us.
 For many ages the inner truths were closely guarded lest they got into the 
hands of irresponsible people and were misused. Hence, the forming of secret 
brotherhoods and mystery schools where only the most responsible and 
trustworthy were initiated into truth under great vows of secrecy. However, now 
is the time when great truths are being given out around the world for those 
who have the good karma or inner desire for these revelations.
 One such truth is that there is a shortcut, the Transcendental Meditation 
technique, whereby we may construct a clear channel from ourselves to the 
Almighty, and thereby quickly gain absolute truth without going through a long 
drawn out process of evolution over ages of births and rebirths. Other great 
truths are also now being given out, such as: that we are never punished for 
our sins, but by them; that we are responsible for our actions and that we 
judge ourselves when we get to the other side; that we are eternal and we have 
everlasting life; that ultimately all souls gain mastery and that 97% of them 
are not lost; that love is the motivating force of creation; that we are all 
one; that destruction is not the wrath of God being visited upon the people, 
rather it is nature restoring the balance thrown out by human ignorance. There 
are so many truths to be given out and absorbed by so many people throughout 
the world.
 Finding the truth which is now widely available is like finding a gold mine in 
your backyard. It is all there just for the seeking. In the close of the 
Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age we are aware of so much evil 
and violence in the world, but we should be aware that there is also the 
opposite being offered. And having free will we can, as always, choose the way 
we wish to go. Truth is the solid foundation we should build our lives on and 
in so doing we will build a structure that will withstand the ravages of time. 
If we build our lives on a foundation of lies or half-truths the first storm to 
assail us will carry us down the path of destruction and ruin. While we should 
always accept and appreciate relative truth we should strive to move toward the 
absolute truth as much as we are able.
 We cannot demand truth, because truth is purity on an ascending scale. So, to 
be aware of higher truths we must gain equal purity. Although humanity is 
completely surrounded by truth, most of humanity is completely unaware of this. 
To realize the higher truths, they must grow into the higher truths.
 The purity of one thing attracts the purity of another thing. Also, the 
setting for an object must be compatible with the object itself. You would not 
display a flawless diamond in a shoddy surrounding. You would display it in a 
beautiful salon on a velvet covered table.
 The ultimate truth is total purity and that is God. So, God and truth are one 
and the same. Destiny on the path of truth is the same thing; it leads to 
oneness with truth which is our oneness with God.
 Coming up through evolution we have come up through a sea of deceit, lies, 
selfishness, vanity, ego, cruelty, separateness and all forms of sin. We have 
lived untruth while oblivious to the purity of life, which is truth. Now we 
find that in awakening to the spirit of truth, which is spirituality, we are 
covered with contamination of the ages encrusted on us and now we are going 
through the process of cleansing which we call unstressing. The solvent or 
cleansing agent we use is a very high vibration that acts against the 
contamination and breaks it up and washes it away through the mind because that 
is how we acquired it in the first place. It is like washing away a heavy clay 
coating on a diamond and then when this is accomplished, the diamond begins to 
sparkle in its own pure light. The human nervous system is like the diamond and 
Transcendental Meditation is the cleanser we use.
 Truth in life has many facets and all are very important parts contributing to 
the whole, such as true love, true beauty, true devotion, true integrity, true 
mercy, true kindness and consideration, and many others. All of these facets 
are lived in relative purity by humanity; but the path of the initiate is to 
bring all of these facets up to total purity, and that then is truth unfolded. 
When we have at last reached the pure light of enlightenment and discover that 
we are the light, then that is truth resplendent in its full meaning. We are 
then one with the truth and truth is one with us - we are one with God.

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 Stepping onto the Path of Enlightenment

 Interview with Charlie Lutes


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 Being forwarded around meditating Fairfield.. 
 Subject: Charlie Lutes 'Meditation' Lecture

 FW: Hello People, here is a pleasant surprise.
Someone sent XO a printout of one of Charlies lecture. 
If any of you have that book Vince J. Daczynski printed, it is entitled 108 
Inspiration Lectures
Go to page that has lecture => Meditation (4/12/85)
or go here ->  http://www.maharishiphotos. com/lecture106.html
So here is a sweet mystery. A 'friend of Charlie Lutes' has a print-out of that 
lecture with another extra page! 
Who? XO got a copy & photocopied at the library and sent me a copy.
So I did the OCR program that scans pages and made them to txt and added them 
for your enjoyment.
XO sent me on a mission and the mission is accomplished.
She and I have differing theories why the mystery page was edited out to 
Vince's book version.
But now I sent it to you. Enjoy
Give me your feedback about the extra page.


 Meditation is the technique or practice used to raise one up from a mundane to 
a cosmic status. It is the means of going within oneself and reversing oneself 
on the wheel of birth and death and, in due time, spinning off of the wheel and 
becoming liberated. This is done by raising the body up to a state of 
purification and this is not easy, or an overnight process. This calls for a 
dedication and devotion that is second to none that one, in their trek through 
life, has ever encountered, or will ever encounter in the future. One is 
entitled to this privilege only because their karma decrees it; in other words, 
they have earned the right to come to Transcendental Meditation. Yet again, 
they may not have earned the right to continue through in this life. However, 
whatever progress they have made they will not lose.
 The path to spirituality is not an easy path as most expect it to be because 
the nervous system, which is the key, has to be purified. For most of us this 
is not easy or pleasant. When one starts the regular practice of meditation, 
one sets up a high vibration in the nervous system and this starts the 
unstressing in the body and in the mind. The nervous system is so sensitive 
that anything of an unnatural nature that impinges itself upon the nervous 
system impacts the nervous system and lowers the vibration in the body. The 
more the nervous system is stressed, the more it is impacted. Then, when one 
starts to meditate, one enjoys the good karma one has accumulated. However, 
when this runs out, be it in a day or in a couple of years, the unstressing 
starts. This may be just uncomfortable, or it may be extreme and nearly 
unbearable. But, if one has his sight on the goal, one will go through whatever 
is necessary in order to reach the goal. Whatever the case may be, it has to be 
handled individually and not by rote.
 It is like playing a tape, for whatever is on the tape will play out until it 
is finished no matter what is on the tape. Then, when one tape is finished 
another one starts, and so forth. It is true that if one was a thief and they 
started to meditate they would for some time be a better thief until this 
proclivity was burned out. It is no different than a child who is caked with 
mud and is being bathed and scrubbed. He doesn’t care for the bath or the 
scrubbing, but it is the end result that counts.
 It is the human that is a unit of energy, a transmitting station for solar 
fire; a radiation that stems from the heart of the sun which evolves all living 
things that come in contact with it. In the human, who is the highest 
expression of God on earth, it is the vagus or tenth cranial nerve that is the 
most receptive to this solar fire or energy, the spiritual fire coming down, 
the fire of the macrocosm. This fire energizes humans and uses them to express 
the qualities of love and wisdom. There also is a fire by friction in the 
center of the earth called the kundalini fire. The human is the focal point of 
these two fires or forces which play through him and activate his seven centers 
of light. The kundalini is a negatively charged energy which is activated by 
the positively charged energy, the spiritual fire, which is located in the 
central spiritual sun.
 It is said that at a propitious time kundalini hears the call of her mate and 
rises from her cave in the base of the human spine to meet him. The kundalini 
fire is aroused as a final step in one's spiritual development, and it can only 
travel up a clear, pure channel, activating the chakras as it goes. While this 
is happening, the latent powers within one are also coming into full expression 
in a natural way. It is the way that one through many rebirths, and now rapidly 
through meditation, moves from mortality to immortality.
 We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, an age which will feature group 
expression, group meditation, an age of spirituality, an age of spiritual 
science, and so forth. The Age of Aquarius will also be the age of preparation 
for what will become in the Age of Capricorn a time when an enormous amount of 
humanity will be ready and will come to meditation and will meditate in large 
groups regularly. This will be possible because most of humanity will have good 
karma, minus much of the bad karma and adharma that so much of humanity now 
has. It is the bad karma that keeps so many from entering onto the spiritual 
path, and if they do approach the path, in a short time they fall away. 
Maharishi frequently stated. “They fall away because they do not have the good 
karma to continue meditation.” Also, this is what is meant by, “Many are 
called, but few are chosen.”

 All that has been in manifestation in the Piscean Age is now in the process of 
disappears, or at least changing, for the Aquarian Age is now here. It is 
bringing in group relationships, group service, group sharing anti love for 
fellow beings. Also, now scientific ways of simplifying and improving the life 
of humanity will be super-stupendous. Those who are incapable of contributing 
to the new way of life will disappear from the Earth, and this means 
world-wide. Criminals and dissolute persons are now in the close of their 
activity. So, they either change or vanish, and most will vanish. “Heaven on 
earth” means just that. Armies, navies, police forces no longer will be 
organizations of necessity and they will disappear. Those who will lead the way 
will be the spiritual souls, and not the politicians and greedy persons of evil 
intent. Lawyers, for the most part, will also disappear. People of the New Age 
will automatically live in accordance with a higher law and will not need 
someone to find them the loop holes of escape from justice. Higher souls will 
bring in higher souls. The deserts will truly blossom. And, space will become 
our second home. There will be no hunger and drought, since the deeds and 
thoughts of people produce these conditions, and that karma no longer will 
exist. People will share and live in abundance. Things will be so easily 
produced and in such abundance by robots, etc., that no one will struggle for 
the necessities of life. The Government will be by the people, of the people 
and for the people, and for the most part, out of people's personal business. 
There will be the United States of the Americas, the United States of Europe, 
and the United States of Asia. There will come in the near future a new method 
of almost instantly imparting knowledge of any subject to a person, along with 
the fact that most people will be very intelligent to start with. People will 
have an international code number and will be reached by wrist phone anywhere o 
earth and in space. People will live in a park-like setting in beautiful 
surrounding with everything available for pleasure and for health. And, people 
will enjoy each others company. Women’s equal rights will be fully established 
since humans will understand karma and reincarnation and the alternating of 
sex, from life to Iife, when it is necessary to maintain a balance. As a 
result, women, by their own free will, will return to the home as wives and 
mothers since there is a special reward on the ‘other side’ for all mothers. 
Man and wife will live much closer together and enjoy each others company since 
they will nearly perfectly matched, and they will see themselves mirrored in 
each ther. Karmic marriages ll be over - emphasis will be on spirituality and 
not on sex and self- advantage or selfishness. Since it is much easier to live 
in a high positive atmosphere than in poverty and want in a negative 
atmosphere, there is no limit as to what will be developed to make life easier 
and happier. People will be beamed from one place to another as the human 
cannot envision anything that he cannot materialize. The human, once in a 
mindless state, lived in the Garden of Eden, and he is now, with a highly 
developed mind, again returning to Eden for a 2,000 year stay. Trains are now 
running at great speed without wheels and in the near future cars will be 
running the same very; very fast, very quiet and very safe. Very brilliant 
children will be commonplace and the attention of people will be on God 
instead; of on sports and on war. When people live in the love and grace of 
God, they live in beauty, youth, luxury, bliss and in good health. They no 
longer live to eat, but they eat to live. The super-mental being will realize 
the harmony of his individual self with the cosmic self, of his individual will 
and action with the cosmic will and action. ln this state one has no ego. One 
becomes a finely tuned instrument of God.


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 Taking a grain of salt I still find this archive of spiritual talks impressive 
now. I should have liked to have heard him deliver some of these for context.

 Context often is everything. I been with Maharishi and heard him say things 
that then got retold by people later out in the field, even by folks who 
'heard' them, completely missing the context as things were said originally. I 
recall being there hearing Maharishi talking about kundalini awakening in the 
energy system and using a metaphor by example which people later reported 
taking literally. I was younger then and hearing things recycle like that 
became a good lesson about folks and their variability in comprehension at 
following things in context. Salt please.

 The Charlie Lutes lectures are compiled in the sidebar here for scrolling 
through and reading..
 They are brief.   



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 What the heck was he talking about, Christ's space ship? Did he elaborate? I 
have heard he said a lot of wild stuff, but that takes the prize.



 From: Duveyoung <>
 Sent: Friday, June 19, 2015 12:23 AM
 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: A [TM] Bio of Charlie Lutes and Helen Lutes:
   Just a reminder that I was about 20 feet away from Charlie when he told the 
audience that Christ's space ship would be found inside one of the great a few years.  After about 20 years I again saw him and asked him 
"what happened to the spaceship?"  He said, "I never said any such thing."  
This may be an indication that Transcendental Meditation, as understood and 
practiced by Charlie, did not, after what seems to have been a very dedicated 
and disciplined life of spirituality, make Charlie's integrity "better," OR, it 
may indicate that his lifestyle did not prevent a great memory loss.  Or?  I 
post this here where Charlie is being delightfully supported by Doug, and I 
wouldn't want any new visitors here at wonderful FairFieldLife to get off on 
the wrong start and not have at least a warning that Charlie's inexplicable 
actions could indicate that TM might even be injurious, and careful 
consideration of the years of discussion here at this forum clearly shows that 
the "jury is still out about TM" in many a regard -- especially when money is 
being required for one to learn what is typically given for free around the 
world.  Take care new visitors...if the science isn't hard, it's hardly science.


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 These are great little chapters/lectures to sieve through now. Very straight 
ahead spirituality.
 Is a refreshing language from a time with a lot of heart different from some 
in-yur-head versions now.
 For instance, The Soul..
 Open it and then scroll around by title to others. They are brief.


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 Charles F. Lutes was the first person to enroll into the Transcendental 
Meditation program offered by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the 
Continental United States in 1959. Impressed with the meditation technique he 
had received, Mr. Lutes teamed up with Maharishi and became a founding pillar 
of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement centers which later expanded into many 
branches of the Transcendental Meditation organization. He took four world 
tours with Maharishi to open hundreds of meditation centers around the world. 
In 1969 he became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. 

 Mr. Lutes had gained God Consciousness enlightenment after two years of 
practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. He was one of the most 
advanced of Maharishi’s teachers of Transcendental Meditation. Mr. Lutes was 
clairvoyant, a healer and a lecturer. He was also accomplished in many yogic 
siddhi powers.

 Helen Lutes In 1967, Helen studied in India with Maharishi at which time she 
became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation program. Maharishi appointed 
Helen as the first President of his Spiritual Regeneration Movement. Helen also 
served as the Transcendental Meditation instructor for celebrities who 
preferred to keep their meditation practice confidential. 

 Helen Lutes was born with a high level of spiritual development. She was a 
child prodigy with an exceptionally keen understanding of human nature. She 
began the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique with her husband, 
Charlie, in 1959. Since then Helen volunteered her time to help Maharishi 
Mahesh Yogi with his Transcendental Meditation Movement. She was an excellent 
administrator, organizing courses and managing finances. Helen also worked on 
special projects for Maharishi. It was through her efforts, working with her 
husband, that the foundation was established for the rapid expansion of the 
Transcendental Meditation program throughout the world.


 Charlie and Helen Lutes
 Charlie and Helen Lutes Charlie 
and Helen Lutes Charlie and Helen Lutes Charlie and Helen Lutes by Vincent J. 

 View on www.institutespiritual...
 Preview by Yahoo 


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 Thanks for posting this to FFL. In coincidence along with an interest in 
archival things someone just passed to me a recently a published copy of a 
limited edition of 108 Charlie Lutes discourses. 

 Charlie Lutes' was a side of the TM movement I was not brought up in and I am 
finding his discourses now quite spiritually relevant. It seems his is where 
some lot of the movement went on to anyway in subtle practice. Certainly is the 
case in the meditating community of Fairfield, Iowa now.  

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