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> > Seems to me #s 2,3,6,13,14,15,16,17,20,21,23,24,25, and 26 apply.
> > And I'm not even including the "outrageous titles" point, which 
> > gives liberally to others but not himself,
> He didn't object to being called "Maharishi," may have decided to
> use the term "His Holiness,"

Just for da record, "His Holiness" is fairly commonly
applied to gurus by their followers in India.  Don't
know if it's traditional per se, but it wouldn't be
seen as outrageous, in my understanding.  It simply
means that the guru, in the opinion of his/her
followers, has found God.

 constantly says "my Vedic science," and then there's
> this (is "founding" something an accomplishment if that thing never
> succeeds?):
> A Glimpse of Maharishi's Achievements
> Over Forty Years Around the World
> (1957-1998)
> 1957: Maharishi founds the world-wide Spiritual Regeneration 
> 1957-1967: Maharishi introduces research in the field of 
consciousness and
> brings to light seven states of consciousness.
> 1970: The first scientific research validating the effects of 
> Transcendental Meditation programme is published in the 
> scientific journals Science and Scientific American.
> 1972: Maharishi inaugurates his World Plan and creates a new 
science -- the
> Science of Consciousness, the Science of Creative Intelligence, 
> 2,000 teachers of this science [by now 40,000] to bring the 
timeless message
> of Transcending to all parts of the globe.
> 1975: Maharishi discovers the Constitution of the Universe -- the 
> potential of Natural Law -- in Rk Ved, and discovers the structuring
> dynamics of Rk Ved in the entire Vedic Literature.
> On the basis of the discovery of the Maharishi Effect, Maharishi 
> the Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment around the world, with grand
> celebrations on all continents.
> India's Lok Sabha issues a proclamation, one of many issued by 
> around the globe, commending Maharishi's world-wide activities.
> 1976: Maharishi creates a World Government for the Age of 
Enlightenment with
> its sovereignty in the domain of consciousness and authority in the
> invincible power of Natural Law.
> Maharishi introduces the TM-Sidhi Programme and the experience of 
> bliss in Yogic Flying to create supreme mind-body co-ordination in 
> individual and coherence in world consciousness.
> 1978: Maharishi inaugurates the "Ideal Society Campaign in 108 
> Maharishi creates the World Peace Project, sending teams of Yogic 
Flyers to
> the most troubled areas of the world, to calm the violence through 
> self-referral performance of the Transcendental Meditation & TM-
> programme.
> Maharishi formulates his Absolute Theories of Government, 
Education, Health,
> Defence, Economy, Management, and Law and Order to raise every area 
of life
> to perfection.
> 1980: Maharishi brings to light the commentary of Rk Veda, 
> Bhashya, as the self-generating, self-perpetuating structure of
> consciousness.
> 1981: Maharishi organises the centuries-old scattered Vedic 
Literature as
> the literature of a perfect science -- Maharishi's Vedic Science and
> Technology.
> 1984: The first group of 7,000 Yogic Flyers gathers in Fairfield, 
Iowa, USA.
> Scientific research on this assembly validates Maharishi's 
prediction that
> when the square root of one percent of the world's population 
practices the
> TM-Sidhi programme, including Yogic Flying, together in one place, 
> trends increase and negative tendencies decrease throughout the 
whole world.
> 1985: Maharishi brings to light the full potential of Ayur-Veda, 
> Veda, Dhanur-Veda, Sthapatya Veda, and Jyotish to create a disease-
free and
> problem-free family of nations.
> 1988: Maharishi formulates his Master Plan to Create Heaven on 
Earth for the
> reconstruction of the whole world, inner and outer.
> Maharishi brings to light Supreme Political Science to introduce 
> in administration and create conflict-free politics and a problem-
> government in every country.
> Maharishi inspires the formation of a new political party, the 
Natural Law
> Party, in an increasing number of countries throughout the world, 
to enrich
> and support national law with Natural Law.
> 1993: Maharishi inaugurates Global Ram Raj.
> Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government and his practical 
formula "A Group
> for a Government" -- gaining support of Natural Law by creating and
> maintaining a group of Yogic Flyers -- is verified politically in 
> and scientifically by a multi-million dollar experiment Washington, 
DC in
> the USA.
> Maharishi discovers the Veda and Vedic Literature in human 
> establishing the grand unity of all material diversity of creation -
- of all
> sciences and of all religions.
> Maharishi establishes Maharishi Vedic Universities and Maharishi 
> Universities throughout the world to offer mastery over Natural Law 
on every
> level of education -- perfection in every profession.
> 1994: Maharishi introduces programmes for prevention in the fields 
of health
> and security, to create healthy national life and an invincible 
armour of
> defence for the nation through the creation of a PREVENTION WING of 
> Flyers in the military of every country.
> 1995: Maharishi establishes Maharishi University of Management in 
> U.S.A., Japan, Holland, and Russia and introduces his Corporate
> Revitalisation Programme.
> The State Assembly of Madhya Pradesh, India, unanimously passes an 
> University) in Madhya Pradesh, offering total knowledge of Natural 
Law as
> available in the Veda and Vedic Literature.
> 1996: Maharishi establishes a new system of health care -- 
Maharishi's Vedic
> Approach to Health -- the complete and perfect system of prevention 
and cure
> of disease, which handles health from the field of the inner 
intelligence of
> the body.
> Maharishi inaugurates a programme to establish a Global 
> through Natural Law, Maharishi Vedic Vishwa Prashasan, inviting all
> concerned citizens to join a People's United Nations and bring 
> and self-sufficiency to every country on earth.
> 1997: Maharishi establishes his Global Administration through 
Natural Law,
> with 12 Time Zone Capitals around the world.
> Maharishi Global Construction Company is established in many 
countries to
> reconstruct the world in the light of the Vedic Principles of 
> -- Sthapatya Veda, Vastu Vidya -- building in accord with Natural 
> On Guru Purnima Day 1997, Maharishi Global Development Fund, with a
> projected budget of US $100 billion was inaugurated as a perpetual 
fund to
> finance the reconstruction of the whole world.
> 1998: Professor Tony Nader, M.D., Ph.D., is awarded his weight in 
gold for
> his historic discovery that the totality of Veda and Vedic 
Literature, along
> with all the Devatas and the whole cosmos, is located in the 
physiology of
> every human being.
> The Maharishi Channel -- Maharishi Veda Vision -- begins broadcasts 
> India, bringing a new light of Heaven on Earth, Vedic Civilization
> returning, a time of peace and happiness dawning.
> Maharishi Open University is founded, opening the gateway of Total 
> of Natural Law for everyone, everywhere, in their own homes via a 
network of
> eight satellites broadcasting to every country on earth.
> Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is widely regarded as the foremost scientist 
in the
> field of consciousness, and considered to be the greatest teacher 
in the
> world today. Maharishi has completely restored the thousands of 
> scattered Vedic Literature for the total significance of its theory 
> practice, and has organized it in the form of a complete science of
> consciousness.
> Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology unfolds the full potential 
> Natural Law in human consciousness as the basis of improving all 
areas of
> life.
> The Transcendental Meditation® program, the subjective technology of
> Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology, is the most widely 
practiced and
> extensively researched program of self-development in the world.
> Maharishi is now establishing Maharishi Vedic Universities and 
> Vedic Schools throughout the world to offer mastery over Natural 
Law to
> every individual and to perpetuate life in accordance with Natural 
Law --
> perfection in every profession -- and create Natural Law based 
> government in every country -- governments with the ability to 
> problems.

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