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Dear Members of our Fairfield, MVC, and MUM Community,

I wanted to remind you that Tuesday is an important Primary Voting Day. Indeed, 
polls are already open for early voting, and will be open again for early 
voting on Monday—and, of course, on Tuesday.

Primary elections are being held for both major political parties—Republicans 
and Democrats.

Anyone, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, can change their party 
affiliation at the voting polls to participate in whichever primary they 
choose—Republican or Democratic.

I attach below a sample ballot, so that you know what offices are up for 
election, and who is running.

There are various polling places in Fairfield. You are requested to vote in 
your assigned polling place, which depends on where you live. So please go to 
the polling place where you ordinarily vote.

In case you haven’t voted before, or you forget where to go, I also attach a 
list of polling places below.

The only way we can have a democracy that is responsive to the people is to 
make our voices heard!

So, please vote.

Best wishes,

John Hagelin

Polling Places

Fairfield First Ward* – Fairfield High School Gym Lobby

Fairfield Second Ward* – Former Lincoln Elementary School

Fairfield Third Ward* – Nazarene Family Center

Fairfield Fourth Ward* – Jefferson County Courthouse

Fairfield Fifth Ward* – Pence Elementary School

Maharishi Vedic City – Jefferson Co. Ag Grounds Activity Bldg.

Liberty – Libertyville Community Center

Libertyville – Libertyville Community Center

Batavia – Batavia Community Center

Packwood – Packwood Fire Station

Penn – Pleasant Plain Community Center

Pleasant Plain – Pleasant Plain Community Center
*See ward map <> 

To see who’s on the ballot, click this link 

Then click: Primary Election on June 5, 2018. [CONTINUE] 

Then, if you wish, click: Democrat, Republican, or All to filter candidates by 
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