Coffee shop satsanga:
 Fairfield In conversation:
 “The meditating community is much more inclusive now moving towards unity 
behavior, an understanding, seeing the truth in many things. This is informed 
by their experience, by the transcendent. Not because someone said that it had 
to look like a Unified Field Chart, it is informed by their experience. This is 
what is moving the community forward and that is why we have someone visiting 
like ( ) taking me aside and saying coming back to this, the engine, the 
possibilities of this are so great here because of it. This does not seem to 
require the Domes for people anymore. Or necessarily group practice anymore, or 
even practice. We don’t even know what people are doing in their experience.
 There is a kind of cultivated maturity out in the community now that is not 
requiring people to divulge what it is they are doing, or with whom, because as 
Maharishi said, “mind your own business”. Everyone here is actively finding 
their path. This, Fairfield, continues to be a maturing dynamic spiritual 
 In confirming this, if we have an administrative group that confirms it only 
to “Thou Shalts” that it is going to be just about one practice when in life 
one really has to realize that many things are actually required to develop 
consciousness, that is why most of the people have left. They got it and some 
realized ‘Oh, being in the dome that way is actually holding me back’. That is 
what people have said. That, it, only went so far. 
 In the consciousness part, the critically conscious part, how much ‘practice’ 
particularly of the ™-Siddhis program does one need to do? 
 When you learn the mechanics of sanyama why is it required that you go in 
there and hammer away at the sun and the moon and the stars and your navel and 
god knows what else forever?  
 For some people it (the Domes and ™) works and that is their path, like (), 
she loves it. It may even be in someone’s chart, that they will have a practice 
and it will work extremely well for them and they won’t need anything else. 
This is the exception. That is the exception. But yet, the saints, these 
maturing people in the community are not also saying ‘it could be dangerous’ to 
go see the saints’ and just be content in their practice. No one is saying 
people shouldn’t practice that Dome program it is just that for most of us that 
program has served its purpose. They have done ‘yogic flying’ enough. It is 
done. It is through. It worked and they manifestly needed to do these other, 
these adjunct practices to help us in our processes that were not available, 
not divined, condoned and quite frankly not understood by the ™ tru-believers. 
The TB'ers don’t understand a thing about this. That is the great irony of this.
 In facilitating a community of course the ™ thing should be supporting group 
practice, there is not problem with that.These cultivated people are having 
inner experience that are objective to themselves, that is science. These other 
people who are over intellectualizing and trying to administrate it miss this. 
Experience in consciousness not in lineal formulas."


 email : I agree that a group of TM mediators created a wonderful community 
here and there is an effect where like minded people come together on a path 
and create harmony in the atmosphere... that’s why many are attracted to 
satsang ( being with others in Truth) or ashrams.  But to solely emphasize that 
mediating together in large groups will create 1% and change the world is not 
that attractive a concept anymore. esp for those who have been meditating for 
many decades and see the world going through more and more chaos.

 Other response:
 I don’t disagree with any of the personal reflections about our personal 
connections to living a peaceful life and our own growth not being determined 
by the external world. I do though believe in the enlivenment of the field of 
nature’s intelligence having an impact on everything and that the resonance 
brings about more positive energy and greater possibilities. If it’s not 
someone’s calling, that’s okay. I agree that the message has become worn out 
for some people. David Orme-Johnson’s presentations are always fascinating 
though – even if you don’t believe. 

 Communal Meeting Weds.

 Phoenix Rising Hall (Burlington and 3rd).
 7:30 PM, 20 June
 Maharishi Effect: Fact or Fiction?
 David Orme-Johnson, PhD, a leading long-time scientific researcher in the 
Maharishi Effect, invites you.

With the Dome meditation attendance having fallen to be so low there is a 
serious questioning about the endurance of the Dome group meditation in 
Fairfield.  This meeting becomes an important way post in the journey of the 
meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa.


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