In Fairfield, Iowa, 
 Oneness Blessings and other Oneness events for awakening and connecting to the 


 Ongoing in Fairfield, Iowa..

 Art of Living   

 In Fairfield, Iowa a weekly Knowledge night with bhajans, Knowledge tape and 
 Art of Living practice groups on Saturdays and Sundays. 

 Also Ongoing in Fairfield,  

 Tuesdays, noontime group meditation..
 Referred to as 'the light lunch'
 Divine Mother Church
 Downtown Fairfield, Iowa

 Swami Ram Kripalu is visitng Fairfield this week, June 15



 “..keep company with the saints (sants), mahàtmàs, and the wise (vidvànta), 
so that your human birth will be fruitful.”  -Guru Dev Swami Brahmananda 
Saraswati (SBS), Maharishi's teacher. 

 TM's 'Guru Dev' SBS was an advocate for the spiritual utility of satsanga.. 

 A good satsanga in Fairfield, Ia. that is a profound crossroads of the 
spiritual communities of Fairfield is the served Friday noontime lunch offered 
by Divine Star Lunches.  

 This is a once a week meal that a lot of people from various parts of the 
Fairfield meditating community come in for.

 If people are visiting back to Fairfield it is a good way to see folks. This 
meal developed as a service from inside the Fairfield Ammachi community. It 
serves to bring a lot of different spiritual folks of the community together. 
 The Lunch is on a RSVP basis, not a drop in meal. They buy and cook enough 
food to serve the people who are signed up by the evening before.

 the “I AM” Sanctuary
 Of Fairfield, Ia. 
 On the Downtown Square, Fairfield.
 Contact howardosborne at gmail.  

In Fairfield, Ia.  June 2018.. 
 Rory Goff's Wavicle Work:  Unconditional Love Technique    


 Bruno Groening Circle of Friends group meditation

 Scalar Energy Healing 

 Janet Sussman in Fairfield for a workshop this weekend.
 June 2 and 3.

Janet is a specialist on the architecture of the subtle bodies. In her written 
and musical works, as well as her intuitive counseling, she transmits a 
consciousness awakening and an opening into celestial light. Students report 
experiences of unity, of merging with the other while maintaining the core 
value of the Self. 

 Public Program with David Spero in Fairfield, Iowa
May 17, 2018, 7:30pm to 9:00pm CDT
Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
51 North Court St (east side of the town square), Fairfield, IA

 The program consists of silent meditation and also dialog.
Often David will give a spiritual talk.

 David Spero visits Fairfield, Ia. this week. 


 Of David Spero, He was invited by some meditators to come visit Fairfield.

 This was an interesting satsanga that was viscerally spiritual. 
 He is an old meditator having been a student at MIU. He got the ™-sidhis as a 
student/meditator on the old forest academies of that era when the sidhis were 
taught that way.  He went on for his academic studies elsewhere and 
subsequently spirituality also has unfolded for him in life. He had not been 
back to Fairfield since those earlier MIU days and not involved with the TM 
movement since then. 
 He has on his own been hosting spiritual satsang of darshan and dialogue for 
about 20 years with folks in small groups mostly out West. He does not teach 
techniques at all but does encourage people on in their spiritual practices. He 
evidently is very respectful of ™ and also of the community here. He became 
very sympathetic with the meditating community here on returning to Fairfield 
now yet had not idea of the scope of how it has gone since he had been here in 
the 1970’s. He evidently was impressed with the visit.  
 His satsang is simply sitting in silence for periods of time with a 
transmitting field effect and then talking in dialogue about spiritual 
experience with the transmission. In the transmission there is light, ecstatic 
or devotional feeling, and current of shakti all as the state with it in the 
human system. It is a type of healing.
 Along with his own spiritual experience he evidently is very bright, well 
read/studied/travelled in philosophy, religions, mystery schools and spiritual 
disciplines.  The dialogue was quite an advanced lecture from context of that 
standpoint as some intellects in the group would try to catch him out.  But 
mostly the dialogue was about spiritual states and life.
 Interestingly from the Fairfield meditating community vantage he was quite 
able to freely draw on Maharishi’s books, quoting and explaining points in the 
dialogue using The Science of Being and Art of Living and then The Science of 
Creative Intelligence .  The guy is not a ™ teacher but probably could out 
teach most ™ teachers from The Science of Being. His facility with The Science 
of Being and Art of Living was quaint to hear and does date him as to when he 
was a meditator and involved with ™.  
 His poster quote says:
 Consciousness is Bliss, Freedom, Truth and Reality.  It is Love.  And only by 
abiding in the innocence of your Heart, do you come to know It. -Darshan and 
Dialogue with David Spero

 Notes from the meeting
 ..transmission of:
 Different people, enlightened beings, are technicians in modalities with 
different aspects of spirituality and the human spiritual system. He has 
transmission of shakti down real good. 


 David Spero is visiting Fairfield this weekend,





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