..heard of the “greenhouse effect”? Was it really possible that human beings 
were overheating the planet? ..pointed to an article about a prominent 
geophysicist named Gordon MacDonald, who was conducting a study on climate 
change with the Jasons, the mysterious coterie of elite scientists to which he 
belonged. Pomerance hadn’t heard of MacDonald, but he knew all about the 
Jasons. They were like one of those teams of superheroes with complementary 
powers that join forces in times of galactic crisis. They had been brought 
together by federal agencies, including the C.I.A, to devise scientific 
solutions to national-security problems:

 NYTimes  magazine feature, article, also on losing the earth.. 

 Losing Earth: The Decade We
Almost Stopped Climate Change


 This narrative by Nathaniel Rich is a work of history, addressing the 10-year 
period from 1979 to 1989: the decisive decade when humankind first came to a 
broad understanding of the causes and dangers of climate change.

 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 It is a fair descriptor, exponential. Graphs of so many of the variables 
within the long differential equation of rapid climate change show exponential 
growth, not just some linear changes since the 1870 baseline of the industrial 
age.. Coal burning, oil burning for internal combustion power, introduction of 
exotic greenhouse gases, melt off of polar ice caps, chopping down rainforests 
for palm oil production, 
 These are exponential peer review variable in a long equation that some would 
want to wait on more and do nothing..(claiming untested assumptions?) for more 
research? The person writing email also makes a good human observation in 
expression about the limited capacity of some folks to think their denial and 
inaction about this complex compounded problem in only linear ways.  I feel the 
conservation biologists are doing a good job of having a rational conversation 
about this now in heightening awareness of something very complex that 
evidently can overwhelm a lot of people’s thinking.  

 Archer Angel asks:
 Q: What is "exponential science"? I have never heard of it.


 Mail:   I have yet to find any scientist who understands exponential science, 
and who has an expanded consciousness capable of comprehending holistic events 
provide valid peer-reviewed scientific arguments contrary to McPherson's 


 email:  ..members of Mother Divine and to Members of Purusha and every person 
who was close to Maharishi (MMY) confided in us that  foretold that the 
impending phase-transition from Kali-Yuga into full blown Sat-Yuga would occur 
between 2020 and 2025 at which time MMY said that chaos would reign in the 
streets of the world like a living nightmare too horrible to describe.  Oddly 
enough, MMY's predictions seem to coincide in time-space with Dr. McPherson's 
which in my mind provides a valence of creedence to McPherson's predicted 


 reply email: Good luck to any serious, rational, science-based person trying 
to debunk the science now! There are more peer-reviewed journal hot links than 
one could click on and read through in a week!

 P.S. The 69 Self-Reinforcing Climate Feedback Loops all with hot links start 
about half-way down the essay.


 wrote :

 Maharishi would host/promote symposia to consider matters.  Inviting speakers 
and papers. Conversation. Consideration.

 Radical Change is happening Now: Rapid Climate Change
 This needs wider platform for consideration.
 Think of the papers that could be given, the titles..
 A Conference program, published.. Presentations, Presenters... 
 Radical Transcendentalism, Phenomenology and Rapid Climate Change.


 Iowa Farming and Carbon sequestration 

 Greenhouse Agriculture in a Hot House

 Public Policy and Transportation

 Earth Science

 Architecture and Global Warming. Designing for a warmer future. 

 Civil Order in a Changing World. 

 Global Economies and Meteorology, Changes in Iowa



 .a same kind of anti-science discredit they try to pull on meditation 


 FW: emails:  
 reply: Yes, we know that the majority of scientists disagree with Dr. 

 This does not surprise us since we know that precious few if any scientists 
ever accepted Maharishi's scientific work yet we all know the validity of that 
body of evidence. I encourage you to do some personal research by peer reviewed 
published scientific research before you accept the unsubstantiated conclusions 
of others less informed and certainly less validated in their opinions . 

 It is one thing to disagree with Dr. McPherson's hypothesis it is quite 
another to refute the peer reviewed and published scientific papers underlying 
his position.
 "Three years to safeguard our climate" 

 "..all in one summary essay on conservation biologist Dr. Guy McPherson's 
website, including links for 69 individual runaway feedback loops. This is the 
Clarion call for transcendence meditators to come together in groups and change 
the catastrophic future of mankind into Heaven on Earth. Everyday matters.

 https://guymcpherson.com/ climate-chaos/climate-change- summary-and-update/ 

 P.S. The 69 Self-Reinforcing Feedback Loops all with hot links to the peer 
review research start about half-way down the essay."

 FW: Paradigm Change..the last week in May atmospheric scientists at: 
http://www.copernicus.eu/ http://www.copernicus.eu/  reported a huge albeit 
temporary spike in Methane gas release in the northern hemisphere. This 
indicated to us that we may not even have 1-3 years before the 'preverbal SHIT 
hits the fan' as Dr. McPherson so aptly referred to what is about to unfold. 

 FW email: "..Finally we must inspire and motivate those present that 
collective consciousness can and must alter this apparent scientific 
inevitability of climate change.  Now is the final call for our consciousness 
based community to rally together in large groups to routinely do their 
meditation practices."

 An Irony is that climate change peer review science and meditation peer review 
science are both met with the same strategies of character assassination, 
assertions by false truth, posing doubt about the economy being able to afford 
remediation and skepticisms sown about science in whether correlation means 
causation. In the same way that the scientists of meditation have known the 
hateful works of the deniers the same strategies carried out by the same kind 
of anti-science people and ideologies the meditation scientists can have a lot 
of empathy for climate change scientists by shared experience.

 Public Policy should be driven by Science. Considering the science of climate 
change and science of meditation it is worth making a stand in human life.
 "Live urgently: meditate now! The end is plainly very near!" 
 We can contribute spirituality in to the rational consideration of of the 
consequent of Arctic Ice Melt.

 Considering Human life brings up spirituality right away.
 Such overwhelming fatalism like the climate science gives will bring 
 the push back of materialistic nihilism. Spirituality then as we know it in 
 meditational experience is the antidote to all that of 'nothing of purpose' and
 materialistic thinking.
 The meditating community has its work cut out for it with the
 reaction to the stark climate research. The argument is rational. 



 "Doom sayers"? Not entirely, some scientists are quite rational and spiritual. 
We see the same kind of anti-science character discredit with the climate peer 
review science that establishment ideologies try to pull on meditation peer 
review science research.

 Yes, Prof. Guy McPherson's peer review based earth science just may not be 
rationally fluent with the spiritual side of the  science like the broader 
meditation peer review research offers. 

 He has responded positively to an invitation to come to a climate change a 
conference symposium at Maharishi University of Management to consider related 
matters. He seems an extremely compassionate rational guy who ought to be part 
of a conversation about public policy. 

 These doom sayers are forgetting the Almighty Power of Being which is the 
source of  life, love and the bliss for sentient beings in the entire universe 
or multiverse.  They've limited their view based on frail human understanding 
and intelligence.

 Paradigm Change: Runaway Global Climate

 Arctic Ice Melt and the Paradigms Shift..
 Interview with Conservation Biologist Dr. McPherson – Mankind Will Be Extinct 
in 8 Years or Less h 







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