Yes, in a way with only a few hundred TM teachers working this stage is more 
like the later 1960’s and early 1970’s where a few newly minted TM teachers 
fanned out, were lecturing, a movement in popular culture came of it. Where 
that movement was about deep rest and mental potential this version comes with 
Rajas and Vedic studies. 

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 I think at the height of the Merv wave 50K/month were learning.
 Rick Archer
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 It is said that TM initiated 28.5k new meditators last year in US America, a 
30% increase with all the good work of David Lynch Foundation and the Maharishi 
Foundation ™.org teachers.. Something like the Merv Wave of the mid-1970’s 
going on. . Something like 380 active trained ‘certified’ ™ teachers now in the 
US. in 1975 there were 6000 TM teachers in the US.  It works financially for 
teachers teaching is the active centers where there are larger metropolitan 
populations. Not so feasible in smaller areas. Teachers get 30 percent. The 
thing of men teaching men and women teaching women makes teaching very 
inefficient when it tends to be more women who come to meditation by three to 
one. The men teachers are not called on as much to teach. 

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 They only have part 1 posted covering 5 questions (first one, "describe 7 
states of consciousness").

 On video, Haiglin said more than tens of thousands are learning TM in US each 
month, with many more world- wide. Sounds high. Does anyone have monthly or 
annual US and world TM course numbers?    


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