from inside Fairfield's spiritual satsanga 


 "The heart chakra in many systems is considered as sort of the crowning jewel 
of the human energy system because especially in a place (Fairfield, Iowa) 
where we have people who do a lot of meditating a lot of the chakras like the 
3rd eye or brow chakras in a lot of mediators are activated, although not 
necessarily, funnily enough, it does not always happen that way. But a lot of 
times the chakras above the head, your heads, are very developed. TM in 
particular does a fantastic job of opening the chakras above the head, that is 
what makes that transcendence experience possible. That is also why people 
sometimes collapse down in their meditation when they go into deeper states of 
their meditation, they actually slump down in meditation a bit because their 
energy is actually shooting up and out. Now that is great but it is not going 
to live in the world that way.   

 The chakras when they are healthy nest with each other one in to the other. 
Where we get in to trouble is when we start getting blocks between these 
chakras where this can be partial and it is very rare to be complete or you 
would be really really sick if they are really truly blocked chakras. But they 
can be diminished and that will manifest in certain kinds of conditions, 
physical, mental, emotional and spiritual .  So, we want to open those blocks 

 In the human energy system there are the chakras that serve as pins that pin 
the larger light body to its relationship to this little “meat suit” physical 
body .  The chakras are really good at transferring information in and out of 
this system. The larger light body moves out and around the physical body. So 
when we open these and start talking to them and invite them to talk to each 
other then the whole system becomes more activated. This is when some people 
reference things like change in aura size, that people come to have large 
auras. Why is that possible?  Because their chakras have become un-blocked so 
that the energies that are available to it spread out. A lot of people here in 
Fairfield actually do have big chakras, and very big auric fields. They can go 
out a thousand feet. 

 .that the ‘expansion of consciousness’ is great but that to live it here on 
earth we need to open up that heart. 
 So this is to help with this to move energy in the body and activate certain 
areas. All to purpose then the cultivated purpose is to help open connections 
between the chakras and clear them, orient them, help them so that they are 
spinning in the right direction and that they articulate and communicate with 
each other. 

 What we want to do is cultivate the strength of our energy body so that we can 
take that incredible of development of consciousness and live in the world and 
actually live it.  To do that we need to be attending to the condition of this 
incredible system that we have that is just waiting to be employed. The easiest 
place to influence this is the heart chakra because as the heart goes the rest 
of the system will go.


 But if you open up and cultivate this heart how good we feel in that sense of 
joy, well being and comfort here. That is a function of the open heart."




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 Sit up and meditate, ‘meditation is something you do’.. 
 Back a few years ago when people were being subsidized with grant money to 
stay in Fairfield and meditate with the large group in the Domes some few were 
gaming the money system then by just coming in to the Dome meditation and 
sleeping. Even on FFL this was called out for what is was, the ‘dozing for 
dollars’ program. 
 The dullness in slumber consciousness of the group was palpable then. 

 Some of us who do sit up while we meditate started the ‘STFU and meditate’ 
pushback back against this corruption.  Others in an orthodox appeasement were 
insistent that slumped over or flat out laying down sleeping for meditation is 
an important experience in meditation.  

 Mostly you can see that this was just lack of discipline in people’s lives and 
It got to be pretty bad for a while. The dozing for meditation sleep-a-tation 
became something that TM’ers were being more commonly known for in wider 
spiritual circles. 

 You’d see TM’ers doing this like an entitlement within the shakti of other 
spiritual groups.  TM’er’s use to come in to the darshan area where Ammachi was 
transmitting darshan and lay out in front at the darshan hall as this very 
spiritual transmission was going on.  Same thing with Karunamayi in her public 
meetings. It was such dullness to what was going on, so lame and so obvious to 
™’ers taking some entitlement. The saints finally asked in turn that people 
stop with bringing the sleep consciousness in and doing that, effectively 
stopping it for what dullness it was in the group.  

 The people gaming the stipend money got cleaned out of the program and now 
there is a lot more sitting up with people attending to their meditation in the 
Dome. While this is not orthodox to say it this way, meditating is something 
you ‘do’ and evidently can get really good at over time as everything that 
gives well-being in spiritual life is also attended to: good sleep, diet, 
exercise, group meditation, and the satsang company we keep.   Jai Guru Dev 


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 Pulled along by the experience..  

 Good observation. In teaching TM I always asked that people themselves in 
learning the meditation give it a real go in a regular practice for some time 
to see what it does. 
 The folks who tended to do this with some discipline were the ones who got on 
to deeper benefits and recognized what more meditation does.
 My wife was initiating, teaching people some years ago to meditate on that 
morning of Sept 11th 2001 and someone from then recently re-contacted her 
expressing a gratitude in having learned to meditate as a best thing that they 
have done in life and that they do continue with TM every day for its benefit. 
Jai Guru Dev.  


 Regarding TM being something you initially "havs0 to do", In the middle 80s I 
had gone with my brother's family to a Connecticut sea resort and wondered into 
a bookstore, where I found 
 William Glaser's book Positive Addction. According to his research currently 2 
groups of people, TMers and joggers, after several months of regular practice 
(I think I remember reading over a year) reach a point at which instead of 
"pushing" they are being "pulled" by their practice (the expression may not 
represent exactly what Glaser writes; my memory may have changed what I read). 
I also remember that he expands on some other interesting ideas (again, don't 
ask me for details...) which made his book one of the most original I read 
about TM. I certainly strongly recommend reading it (after Science of Beomg and 
Aft of Living!).


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 Who will come next to revive the TMO?  

That is a very good question. There are now a few millennials, 30’s, 40 or so 
years old who grew up in this and are now initiators having taught a number of 
people to meditate. Some have taught some number of hundreds of people to 
meditate. You don’t see them at the top or even given the microphone to run 
meetings yet. 

  jr_esq writes :
 I got initiated in July 1993 when Chopra was becoming popular and jyotish was 
mushrooming  in Seattle, WA and around the country.  That was when KN Rao came 
to the USA to teach the ancient science of light.  Ayurveda and amrit kalash 
were hot too.


 Then, King Tony was crowned and the rest of the rajahs came.  Who will come 
next to revive the TMO?

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 Yeah, that was once a core value teaching in TM, 'meditate and act'. Then it 
(also) went on to other stuff in the 1990’s with attempt at the resuscitation 
of the Vedic Sciences, Vedic culture, sanskrit, faith in astrology, yagyas, 
ayurveda, remedies and such. The bad fitting pink saris and conflicted ™. And, 
culture. The 'Rajas' and what would seem a relatively small Global Country of 
World Peace, Jai Guru Dev 

 jr_esq wrote :


 B Gita Chapter II, verse 48 states:  "Yogastah kuru karmani."...  meaning 
established in yoga, perform actions.  This essentially is saying that TM is 
Karma Yoga.


Eustace wrote :

 I posted here believing someone would have the answer at this fingertips or at 
least on a shelf nearby. Clearly this wasn't the case, it seems the book is no 
longer popular in Fairfield.,So I did what I had tried to avoid, buy the Kindle 
edition of the Science of Being ahd Art of Living, Well here is what I 


 This explains the significance of action and justifies its status as a path to 
enlightenment. This innocent, natural, simple process of perception and 
experience—from the outward gross to the inward subtle and Transcendent, and, 
from there, again returning to the outward gross—comprises the path of 
action^15 for enlightenment.

^15 The Bhagavad-Gītā calls it the Path of Action, or Karma Yoga.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Science of Being and Art of Living (Kindle Locations 
5255-5257). MUM Press. Kindle Edition

 Maharishi plainly states that TM is Karma Yoga. IMHO, every TMer who practices 
regularly should sooner rather than later know this.

 In those early for me years, I remember I had added an extra 5 or 10' at the 
ebnd of my practice, reading TM books. After Science of Being and Art of Living 
and the Commentary, I read Canelakos' book on the early research on TM, 
Bloonfeld's book, the cartoon book, and then 2 or 3 more that I came across, 
until I realized that the book I was reading was repeating, almost verbatim, 
what I had read in the previous book, and I realized it was time to stop. Ah, 
yes. And I already had the habit of reading all the footnotes and endnotes, 
sometimes the author conveys crucial information in there.

 A few years later I came across the very interesting Glaser's book Positive 
Addiction, and the I read 2 9r 3 of Deepak Chopra's books when he was with the 

 I haven't read any other book on TM for several years, and certainly there 
have been some well worth reading.

 But, IMHO, new mediators should hot skip the 2 classics, including the 



 . .

 A few,


 As much as ™ itself is said to be effortless meditation it does take some 
discipline to do. At the outset it is actually something you ‘do’.  

 I have these old cassette tapes from the India TM teacher training courses 
with Maharishi, outdoor lectures with crows cawing in the background and such. 
He says plainly that ™ does take some concentration (in particular) to do, to 
recognize what is going on and ‘do’ the practice, it requires a little action 
to do. 

 So yes, TM it could be said is ‘karma yoga’. From that standpoint and then all 
those old meditators out in coffee shops when they could be meditating, are 
just ill-disciplined loafers.. ‘taking it easy and taking it as it comes..’ as 
if that is a spiritual practice in itself. wrote :

 According to the concordance, on pg 303 of SofB, there's something on karma 
 Hope this helps.


 cardemaister offers:
 At least YF seems to be karma yoga par excellence: simultaneous intense action 
(karma) and

 "non-action", samaadhi (yoga)??

  Thursday, July 12, 2018, 1:09:47 AM CDT, eustace10679  wrote:


  No, that's not it. I remember reading plainly that TM *is* Karma Yoga, the 
important issue being that after diving in you *have* ti get out and transfer 
to the outer world of action the what you got from diving in. That's why in TM 
extended practice -- without outside action -- is not recommended under normal 
circumstances and unlike other meditation practices. I remember reading it in 
the Science of Being -- and I've also read the Commentary. 

 Maharishi's statement was straightforward and it did not involve 
interpretation. I think everybody should know about it. If anybody has the book 
handy and haven't read it, This statement remained in my memory as the most 
interesting in the book. And BTW it was written many years before the 
introduction of the sidhi program.



 Several decades ago, I remember reading in the Science of Being and Art of 
Living (I think) that TM is Karma Yoga. Has anybody read the book recently and 
can provide an exact reference? It has to be added in the Wikipedia page, at 
least as a footnote, to counterbalance that "mantra meditation".
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