"So, it all depends upon how awake we are—how much awake we are. Ordinarily, 
deep sleep, dreaming, waking, and then especially Transcendental Meditation. In 
the beginning days, we don’t know anything. It’s all dark; it’s all deep, dark 
nothingness, nothingness. But when we become more familiar with it, when we 
become more familiar with it, then we begin to see different values of 
creativity—different levels of creative intelligence. In the Vedic Literature, 
it is called Devata. Different kinds of Devata—Shiva, Vishnu, Ganapati, 
Durgamba, Mahalakshmi, Sarasvati—all these different, different Devatas. As we 
become familiar with that level of the transcendental field, Devatas come up to 
our awareness; Devatas come up to our awareness.
Devatas are beyond boundaries. Being beyond boundaries, they are absolutely 
free to move in silence. That move in silence makes them competent to have a 
frictionless flow—a frictionless flow. That means total Natural Law is their 
field of concern, we can say “their field”. They roam about in the field of the 
total Natural Law.
And this requires pure wakefulness to be able to move around on that level of 
the Veda—to move around more in the land of the Veda. And there is the ability 
to have silence and dynamism together—silence and dynamism together. And this 
is the capability of human intelligence. This is human birthright.”

— Maharishi, Press Conference, June 30 2004

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