Forwarded from a friend:

This just came in from David Collins. 

A neighbor here in Utopia Park asked me if I would broadcast this to as many 
people as possible.  Her message has 3 parts.

1.  She has aloe plants for sale.  Most of them are large with leaves more than 
12” long, and she also has a few small ones.  Contact: Rhiana 641-469-3018

2.  She is giving away free organic garden soil to anyone willing to dismantle 
raised garden beds.  Contact: Rhiana 641-469-3018

3.  She is looking for a place to move that is free from pollution of all kinds 
— WiFi, GMO’s, Smart meters, EMF.  She wants to move because because she is 
extremely sensitive to all of these things -- they create serious health 
challenges for her, including losing her vision to the point that she is almost 
blind.  She would like to move before winter.  If anyone has any suggestions or 
can help her in any way, please call her.  Contact: Rhiana at 641-469-3018.

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