What a relief it has been for the children and teachers to be at the new 
school location this year. Enjoy a glimpse of the students' progress through 
the eyes of one of their beloved teachers, Grace Nankya.

 The road approaching EDAPO School campus 

 Amidst the forests you now find classrooms, dormitories, a water well, a 
kitchen, a security wall rising, and...356 lively children!

 Long, dusty rides to school have been left behind. Instead, the children rise 
each morning fresh and rested. 
 The teachers and staff see a huge change this year. "They are very, very 
happy," Grace shares. "They know what to do. They are managing their time 
correctly. They are learning well. Their academic performance is changing."
 Your donations have made a big difference, especially for your help in 
building dormitories.

 Grace gathering the students in front of the dorms before a celebration


 EDAPO School is like one big family. "The children call each other sister, 
brother," Grace chuckles, "and yes, call me Mommy."

 "What touches me is when the child comes and hugs, Oh Mommy, Thank You. I 
know even though they are young, they remember everything they went through and 
it was really hard."

 Getting lunch at the new kitchen

 Students and teachers meditating

 EDAPO teaches the children how to live life in a way that is healthy, happy, 
and life-supporting. Now local people want to send their children to the school.
 Even though the students are very young, they have already won more sports 
competitions than students at other schools.

 "When we go for games, people see them for just that day and say, Madame 
Grace, I noticed your students behave totally different from students at the 
other schools."

 Practicing for high jump

 After soccer competition win

 Devoted teachers and staff
 with Dr. Jim Schaefer in June 2018

 These teachers and staff create a loving family for the EDAPO orphans, 
nurturing their happiness and success.
 EDAPO needs our help to keep up with teacher compensation. Please consider 
making a donation now.

 "As you might guess, because orphans have no one to pay their tuition, a 
primary school for orphans must mobilize funds to pay their teachers from any 
source they can find. It is not easy for EDAPO to keep up with the monthly 
compensation for the teachers at their school. This is support for the human 
resource that makes the EDAPO primary school for orphans a functional 
institution." Dr. Jim Schaefer, President Partners for World Peace

 Many thanks to all the great supporters of EDAPO Primary School
 $2,500 needed this month
 May the joy of your gift
 return to you from all directions!

 Donate for salaries 
 Without doubt these EDAPO children are blessed and are becoming ideal, 
enlightened, resourceful persons who will play a big role in helping Uganda, 
Africa, and the world to overcome the ongoing challenges. And they will bring 
up great families, which are the cornerstone to the building of the nation.
 ~Mark Mugabe, EDAPO Director

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 +1 888.213.2735


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