Wow, this is certainly complicating. This is promoted by the official TM 
movement with movement facility? People have tried by means before to claim 
spiritual authority with endorsement and blessing of Maharishi  and it did not 
go well for them. One can remember previous skisms in narcissism before that 
have challenged (tried to trump) the auspices of authority here. 

 One could also fear for the Dome badge memberships of those people ‘promoting’ 
this with endorsements identified in thumbnail pictures on the web pages. The 
course office should be busy with notice of this and these people? By guideline 
it is felt that the practice of ™ and its programs is quite ‘sufficient’ enough 
to get people to enlightenment and an evaluation for membership in the group.  
Jai Guru Dev


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This Monday, September 24, 8 pm, Dalby Hall, at Maharishi University of 
Management in Fairfield, Iowa. Free.

Monday's Full Moon Celebration will feature a tape of Maharishi discussing a 
cognition of Vasishtha. Peter Freund will tell stories about Vasishtha: seeing 
Siva’s Pillar of Light form, describing the 68 letters of Sanskrit alphabet and 
Vaishtha's Cow of Plenty and teaching Ram about yogic flying. He will discuss 
research on the Vasishtha Shiksha and the Vasishtha Yoga. In addition, I have 
been asked to tell a Vedic experience I had of Vasishtha and will include 
Maharishi’s comments.

Everyone is invited to come and enjoy.

Suzanne B. Stryker, PhD 


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