--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just realized that this whole discussion of a
> "false" guru is nonsense. Of what purpose are all
> these criteria? Are these to be used to select a guru?
> No, not as they are written. They are simply an
> attempt by a mind to position itself in relationship
> to a narrative it likes regarding gurus. They have an
> ideal guru in mind and compare and judge every flesh
> and blood guru to this one. It's really nonsense and
> no practical function. Just mind fluff (very sticky
> indeed!). The only way to see if a guru is of value is
> to involve yourself in their teaching for an honest
> amount of time. If it works for you, great, if it
> doesn't, move on. Buddha didn't disparage the teachers
> he studied with and found inadequate to his
> enlightenment. He just moved on. These teachers had a
> value for other people, not for him. MMY has had great
> value for many people. Many people still gain value
> from him. Many have moved on. It is what it is. To
> lock yourself into a conceptual model of a "perfect"
> guru is just silliness. Like wishing for the "perfect"
> mate or mother or father. A sign of psychological
> immaturity, isn't it?

The false guru criteria have nothing to do with wishing for a perfect
guru and disparages noone in particular.  I find them to be a fairly
common sense approach to evaluating the field of spiritual teachers.  

Every day as adults we make decisions and evaluations regarding health
providers, politicians, investment advisers, potential mates, etc. 
Most of us have learnt through experience that all fields of life are
populated with a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly and
everything else in between, and with experience we get better and
better at distinguishing and noticing the tell-tale signs of each.

I work in investments and can tell you that if someone is promising to
double your money with no risk, or asking you to put your entire
savings in some exotic venture with no risk disclosure document, or
that ascended masters are actually in charge of the fund they're
marketing, then those guys are "false investment advisors".  Believe
it or not, lots of people don't know these things and could benefit
from knowing these signs.

What I find amazing on this list is the number of people who think
that its okay to use your mind and adult common sense to evaluate
everything in life, except gurus! - our minds can't truly fathom them,
their actions and behaviors don't really tell us anything about them,
there are no corrupt gurus, only gurus not right for us.  This is no
different than the relationship of fundamentalists with their bible or
neocons with their Bush, when all of a sudden science and/or the facts
are no longer appropriate.  Sorry, but the bible, Bush, gurus,
investment advisers, everyone are in the same boat.

Of course, objective analysis of gurus or anyone will never be
perfect, but by locking yourself into a conceptual model of gurus as
uniquely outside the scope of human analysis is putting them into the
perfect mommy and daddy sphere and is a sign of immaturity.

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