Of “second-generation” wisdom.. in terms as John Humphrey Noyes (1869) frames 
it below, Will John Hagelin now of his own direct experience of 
‘first-generation’ wisdom turn out to be the consolidator of the TM community 
to something that may last some decades or more? Dr. Nader? ..   Quoting 
 “At the time when Noyes was alive (19th Century) any marked deviation from the 
established churches of Christianity was likely to provoke a vigorous reaction. 
 Consequently initiators and leaders of sects had to be men of exceptionally 
strong character, especially if they were evangelically minded, for then they 
had to be capable of keeping the allegiance of their original members and of 
winning converts even in the midst of antagonism or actual physical 

 A fanatic might get this far, might indeed get further, as Ann Lee got to 
America from Lancashire and Joseph Smith got to Nauvoo; but other qualities 
were required in order to maintain the initial impetus.  As well as the 
absolute conviction that they and they alone had chosen the right path, and the 
ability to persuade others that this was so, leaders of this kind needed 
exceptional organizing ability and foresight, balanced judgment, and a quality 
that can best be described as “intuitive astuteness”. Joseph Meacham, who 
organized the Shakers into communities, and Brigham Young, who commanded the 
Mormon hegira, must have been endowed with these qualities; and no doubt other 
examples of “second-generation” wisdom of this kind could be cited.  It was a 
characteristic that was less common among initiators, 

 'second-generation' wisdom, ..simple vision, the strength of character and the 
evangelical fire of the fanatical initiator were blended with the balanced 
judgment and practical managerial capacity of the successful consolidator.  
This was an unusual combination of characteristics; and in view of (his) 
background , his absolute rejection of orthodoxy was also unusual. 

 ..He was extreme, but logical and realistic; revolutionary, but not violent. 
When religious fire, moral courage, and good judgment ..have all been given due 
credit, something remains unexplained--some ingredient of the personality--. I 
think that this unnamed quality can without sentimentality be called “love of 
life.”  ..I believe Noyes, unlike many sectarians, was a great yea-sayer, an 
enhancer of life,” 

 Excerpts from the 1966 Introduction by Mark Holloway  to the Dover edition, 
History Of American Socialisms, Noyes 1869


 In Second-generation Wisdom.. 

 Older than the TM movement by a generation, Yogananda’s SRF shifts leadership 
now to ‘third generation’ organizational members whom have never met the 

 The Self-Realization Fellowship Board of Directors is happy to share with you 
the news that Brother Chidananda has been elected president and spiritual 
leader of Self-Realization Fellowship/Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, 
succeeding Sri Mrinalini Mata, who served in this position from January 2011 
until her passing last month. His appointment was made by a unanimous vote by 
the SRF Board of Directors on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.


 Technically in Maharishi's founding and with John Hagelin and others having 
worked directly alongside Maharishi they could be first generation of TM and 
their work now is (post-founder) to consolidate things towards a (demographic) 
turnover at some point to third generation meditators, who have never directly 
seen or met Maharishi.  Thus far the microphone has not been shared or handed 
to a 'third generation' to hold nor is a third generation much present in upper 
level policy circles. 







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