At the time there was not much of an understanding given for absconding with 
the earned ATR credit. 
 This explanation about paying the balloon on MIU’s campus mortgage with the 
earned credit is a new explanation to my ear to the lost ATR credit.  

 It might have gone over a little better if it had been explained in some 
greater transparency like this way back then. Often times if people are clued 
in more accurately on the numbers they will make a same decision that is being 
held close from them. Administrative pursuit without sharing the process grates 
at the folks kept out in the dark. 

 Recently I was sharing conversation with an old TM community person here in a 
grocery store isle.  He was responding to the Dome badge application process 
and folks being unacceptable to the guidelines for a Dome meditation badge; he 
saying, “Do they still do that?” 

 Right after that he quickly exclaimed, “Have they done anything about their 
financial transparency?”, “With real financial statements?” and “I’ll never 
give them another nickel until they do..”  
 I was kind of thinking the money thing had died down some as that level of the 
fundraising movement is more removed and small now to the local meditating 
community. But woe, no! This last comment was kind of a shocking amplitude 
coming from a really lit accomplished old sidha here in town. 

 The lost ATR credit was a deep one for some people. 


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 Talking, just now, to the wife of an accountant at that time,
 He, the accountant, came up with the idea then..
 ..To use the initiator’s booked ATR credit to pay off a balloon payment coming 
 On the purchase of the MIU campus then. 

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