– you told us about some such groups in town with whom you recently met who are 
planning group meditations (TM, or mostly TM) on the night before the election 
in the hope if creating some positive effect. Like, really? 

 I would suggest that you tell them that they would have a much stronger effect 
by coming to the Dome at least once daily every day from now on, and keep 
 If they think their group meditations will have an effect, then (in the same 
breath) they cannot say that the Dome groups don’t! 

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 I was at a meeting a couple of nights ago of about 25 people at Janet 
Sussman’s new Fairfield house. They agreed to meet for a meditation 
(superradiance) on the night of the Election Day, regardless of the results as 
the results are coming in. 

 I was at another meeting of about 25 people last night on our porch, a 
different group of 25 from Janet’s satsanga.  This group agreed to meet for a 
meditation on the night before Election Day having a group meditation for the 

 Both groups of people are of the old meditator TM community here, mostly 
unaffiliated anymore/disaffiliated with the .org movement without badges to the 
Domes . 

 Same thing, meditating, over a concern with the general agitation around the 
Election over at the meditator churches and temples, the liberal catholics, and 
Mother Divine church. The meditating Quakers.  The temple(s).

 Fairfield, Iowa the number one Top City for Meditation.
 30 Top Cities and Towns for Meditation in America
 An article:

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 The Boom Fitness Satsanga in Fairfield, Iowa..

 CrossFit and SoulCycle are becoming “churches” for millennials.

 ..very illuminating.  I had noticed this, but this is very clearly explained 
about the group and its spiritual needs.


 ..in Fairfield Boom Fitness is located at 210 West Lowe (near Everybodys and 
BP Gas). When you enter our 2400 square foot space, you will quickly realize we 
are a very different workout experience. In place of workout machines that 
isolate muscles, you will find Olympic bars, free weights, kettlebells, 
medicine balls, pullup bars, and jump ropes by Rogue Fitness. This is the same 
gear used in the Reebok / ESPNs Crossfit Games. We aim for efficient 
functionality, you won’t find mirrors or televisions. What you will quickly 
find is that we have everything you need to get in phenomenal shape. You can 
use your mirror at home for verification.

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Experiences of Saints Part 2 with Dr. Evan Finkelstein
 On Sunday, September 30. A Sweet Sunday evening in September, at Phoenix 
Rising Hall, at 7:30 PM, Dr. Evan Finkelstein will present:
 PART 2 “A Funny Thing Happened to Me in the Cave Last Night: Spiritual 
Experiences of Saints in Light of Maharishi's Science of Consciousness”
 With a lot of new saints and all new experiences!
 This presentation will highlight the divine experiences of great saints from 
the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Buddhism in the 
light of Maharishi’s teachings on higher states of consciousness. Quotes from 
the writings of these saints will be deeply explored; with  a PowerPoint 
presentation and lots of time for comments, discussion and questions.
 Dr. Evan, a Transcendental Meditation teacher since 1972, earned his BA in 
English and Theatre Arts, and Master’s degrees in Social Work and the Science 
of Creative Intelligence, with an Outstanding Student Award. Awarded the Veda 
Vyasa Award for outstanding doctoral level scholarship, his MVS doctoral 
dissertation Universal Principles of Life Expressed in Maharishi Vedic Science 
and in the Scriptures and Writings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 
documented fundamental principles shared among these faiths in the light of 
Maharishi’s Vedic Science. He also teaches courses on Taoism, Buddhism and 
Confucianism in the light of Maharishi’s knowledge. Dr. Finkelstein, on faculty 
since 1989, is currently adjunct professor of Maharishi Vedic Science, and 
National Director of Religion and Culture for the United States.  

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Fairfield Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong
 Contact Mary Ida Adams ph. 641 980 8017
 http://jingui-iowa.com/ http://jingui-iowa.com/
 http://jingui-iowa.com/events-calendar/ http://jingui-iowa.com/events-calendar/

 Invincible America Assembly & Friends
 Picnic, Thursdays.
 Waterworks Park
 Fairfield, Iowa

 Email:   Thank you for letting me know.  I had never heard of a yagya before 
but after resarching see that it is a fire ritual/offering.  Is this open to 
others that may not be students of Pundit Sharma such as myself?    Blessings 
to you.


Ans:  Sorry to find this too late. Yes, a lot of very spiritually practiced 
folks showed up. 
 Yes, with lots of spiritual things going on in this little town most of us who 
live here in the meditating community look to the Thursday edition of The 
Fairfield Weekly Reader to find what is up. With the WR those of us who 
actively live here get our day-timers out and then plan what to show up at for 
the week. It is a busy place. 

 As you show up at various functions and then get on e-mail lists there becomes 
its own web of notice for what is interesting to you and actively coming up. 
The Fairfield Weekly Reader is a good way to find interesting groups that are 
already doing things in Fairfield. Also the boards at Everybody's, the Noodle 
House and Thai Deli and other places for poster notices of what is going on. 
Mostly there are already groups that function like guilds 'doing things' in 
 It just takes some initiative to show up and find like minded people already 
here.. arts, writing, business, nature, garden, music, recreation, fitness, 
spiritual practice. Hope to meet you soon at something. 


 A Ganesh yagya today also at,  
 Sri Devi Mandir, a Hindu Temple,  located in Fairfield, IA, a small rural 
community in southeast Iowa. 

 The temple initiated within the Fairfield meditating community opened October 
7, 2002, during Navaratri - the Nine Nights of Mother Divine. Sri Devi Mandir 
is an independent spiritual organization, not affiliated with any spiritual 
teacher or group. Sri Devi Mandir is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization run 
by devotees for devotees. The Temple's main income is through devotee donations 
and sponsorships. Through the years Devi Mandir has become an important 
cultural center for the Indo- American community that is well settle in 
Fairfield, Iowa. 

 Community Ganesh Yagya today.. 
 In line with Fairfield being one of the spiritual places to live.. 

 FW: a long tradition (and a lot of personal experience!) to support his title 
of "remover of Obstacles"!

 See full details at:
 https://vedyagya.blogspot.com/ https://vedyagya.blogspot.com/

 Fairfield of recent years has changed into something else which is
now quite rich after nearly four decades development.

The long-time Fairfield meditating community today is its
own center for spiritual practice. The breadth of spiritual practice
groups in Fairfield is now a unique feature of the town in the 21st


 30 Top Cities and Towns for Meditation in America
 An article:

 “..keep company with the saints (sants), mahàtmàs, and the wise (vidvànta), 
so that your human birth will be fruitful.”  -Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati


 * About 90 attended Dr. Evan Finkelstein's event at Phoenix Rising Sunday 
evening. It was a powerpoint presentation of slides of saints from around the 
world and throughout the ages, with pictures or likenesses of the saints, and 
their quotes on meditation and experiences of higher states of consciousness, 
and comments by Dr. Evan. It was just like the IAA daily calls, with a wider 
and more varied group of people calling in. That is how it felt. It felt very 
very good. 

 There was an audience request for Dr. Evan to do an encore presentation later 
and there was support for this in the audience. So that's in the works. 

# # 
 1000 Names on Sunday the 26th
(for Kerala Flood, US Fires/Floods etc.)

 6:10 to 6:30: Group meditation (please come on time for this)
6:30 to 7:30: 1000 Names of Sri Lalitha  We hope to see you all there!



 ---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Yes, simply as a transcription of conversation there is a powerful insight to 
communal spiritual Fairfield, Iowa. These kind of spiritual conversations go on 
throughout the meditating day in Fairfield.   Morning, noon and night. they 
make for quite a journal. 

 In journalizing, the names of people are not so irrelevant here for 
consideration on FFL but the idea content in context evidently is quite 
relevant consideration within the community. So in editing I do not bring names 
of folks over here to FFL though their ideas may come here. 

 In the daily life of Fairfield the coffee house satsanga are where a lot of 
business of the community is met, and again at the lunchtime eateries as people 
spill into the cafes for mid-day, throughout the afternoons back in the coffee 
houses, and the evening dinner hour. Not uncommonly depending on who you want 
to run in to you go to their watering holes as a means of finding people. These 
kind of fragment spiritual conversations happen then between folks throughout 
the day in Fairfield. ( I had a long spiritual conversation over at Menards 
back in the drywall area the other day with an old ™ teacher who has traveled 
to Peru a number of times. Really interesting perspective on spiritual 

 Back a few posts on FFL there was the “Sit up and Meditate” thread about ™ 
being something ‘you do’.. That subject then became a coffee house conversation 
between some spiritually cultivated folks that focused some light on an aspect 
of the culture of some number of  ™’ers who chronically cave over in 
meditation. It was an interesting perspective that went on to consideration 
about ™’ers possibly being cultivated in mental fields in ways but not 
necessarily grounded in their experience. I’ll add the transcript to the ™ and 
Karma Yoga thread.   

 Likewise, as folks would like to add in to consideration here on FFL they can 
send emails to the owner of Fairfieldlife link as listed on the FFL homepage. . 

 In Satsanga Fairfield, Iowa


 Excellent post. 


 It's this sort of vision of FF that has prompted me to resettle in FF.  It 
would be wonderful if the person conveying these thoughts, and friends, could 
participate in FairfieldLife and help illuminate further how things are 
unfolding in the community. 


---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Fairfield, Ia. Coffee shop satsanga:
 From conversation, opinion by experience given:
 “The meditating community is much more inclusive now moving towards unity 
behavior, an understanding, seeing the truth in many things. This is informed 
by their experience, by the transcendent. Not because someone said that it had 
to look like a Unified Field Chart, it is informed by their experience. This is 
what is moving the community forward and that is why we have someone visiting 
like ( ) taking me aside and saying coming back to this, the engine, the 
possibilities of this are so great here because of it. This does not seem to 
require the Domes for people anymore. Or necessarily group practice anymore, or 
even practice. We don’t even know what people are doing in their experience.
 There is a kind of cultivated maturity out in the community now that is not 
requiring people to divulge what it is they are doing, or with whom, because as 
Maharishi said, “mind your own business”. Everyone here is actively finding 
their path. This, Fairfield, continues to be a maturing dynamic spiritual 
 In confirming this, if we have an administrative group that confirms it only 
to “Thou Shalts” that it is going to be just about one practice when in life 
one really has to realize that many things are actually required to develop 
consciousness, that is why most of the people have left, < >
 In facilitating a community of course the ™ thing should be supporting group 
practice, there is not problem with that.These cultivated people are having 
inner experience that are objective to themselves, that is science. These other 
admin people who are over intellectualizing and trying to administrate it miss 
this: Experience in consciousness not in lineal formulas. If you are looking 
for a drone then of course.   


 Ongoing in Fairfield, Iowa..


 There is a weekday 5pm silent group meditation
 Weekdays, 5-6pm. 
 'Unaffiliated and open' for silent meditation practice.
 51 N. Court, Fairfield, Iowa. 

 The Ammachi satsanga in Fairfield.. 
 This week, June 26th, 2018, it seems half of the Fairfield meditating 
community, some hundreds, have driven over to Chicago to have darshan from 
Ammachi in a large spiritual community that forms in her programs. 

 In Fairfield, Iowa, 
 Oneness Blessings and other Oneness events for awakening and connecting to the 


 Art of Living   

 In Fairfield, Iowa a weekly Knowledge night with bhajans, Knowledge tape and 
 Art of Living practice groups on Saturdays and Sundays. 

 Also Ongoing in Fairfield,  

 Tuesdays, noontime group meditation..
 Referred to as 'the light lunch'
 Divine Mother Church
 Downtown Fairfield, Iowa
 http://www.divinemotheronline.net/ http://www.divinemotheronline.net/

 Swami Ram Kripalu is visitng Fairfield this week, June 15
 https://swamiramkripalu.com/ https://swamiramkripalu.com/



 “..keep company with the saints (sants), mahàtmàs, and the wise (vidvànta), 
so that your human birth will be fruitful.”  -Guru Dev Swami Brahmananda 
Saraswati (SBS), Maharishi's teacher. 

 TM's 'Guru Dev' SBS was an advocate for the spiritual utility of satsanga.. 

 A good satsanga in Fairfield, Ia. that is a profound crossroads of the 
spiritual communities of Fairfield is the served Friday noontime lunch offered 
by Divine Star Lunches.  

 This is a once a week meal that a lot of people from various parts of the 
Fairfield meditating community come in for.

 If people are visiting back to Fairfield it is a good way to see folks. This 
meal developed as a service from inside the Fairfield Ammachi community. It 
serves to bring a lot of different spiritual folks of the community together. 
 The Lunch is on a RSVP basis, not a drop in meal. They buy and cook enough 
food to serve the people who are signed up by the evening before.

 the “I AM” Sanctuary
 Of Fairfield, Ia. 
 On the Downtown Square, Fairfield.
 Contact howardosborne at gmail.  

In Fairfield, Ia.  June 2018.. 
 Rory Goff's Wavicle Work:  Unconditional Love Technique    


 Bruno Groening Circle of Friends group meditation
 https://www.bruno-groening.org/en https://www.bruno-groening.org/en

 Scalar Energy Healing

 Janet Sussman in Fairfield 

Janet is a specialist on the architecture of the subtle bodies. In her written 
and musical works, as well as her intuitive counseling, she transmits a 
consciousness awakening and an opening into celestial light. Students report 
experiences of unity, of merging with the other while maintaining the core 
value of the Self. 

 Public Program with David Spero in Fairfield, Iowa
May 17, 2018, 7:30pm to 9:00pm CDT
Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
51 North Court St (east side of the town square), Fairfield, IA

 The program consists of silent meditation and also dialog.
Often David will give a spiritual talk.

 http://www.davidspero.org/ http://www.davidspero.org/

 David Spero visits Fairfield, Ia. this week. 


 Of David Spero, He was invited by some meditators to come visit Fairfield.

 This was an interesting satsanga that was viscerally spiritual. 

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