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Maharishi together with the Raj-Guru from Nepal in 1974 in Kathmandhu when he 
initiated about 20 000 people into Maharishi Transcendental Meditation within a 

God's Grace & we do not mind other people's opinions:

"God's grace has always saved the world. So many rakshasas have been in the 
past, and we are witnessing the rakshasa opinion everywhere: 'I'll kill this. 
I'll kill this.' Bombing this, bombing that. So all this has been continuing in 
the world, and it will continue. But our performance will also continue. The 
darkness has always existed, and the candle lights and the torch lights also 
have existed. So we can cope with all the destructive features of life on 
earth, but we will be in light. The Vedic tradition is an eternal tradition of 
total knowledge in which there is no chance for any darkness to come in.

Therefore, from one place on earth, which we will call the Capital of Raam Raj, 
the capital of that administration in which the ancient record is that 
suffering belonged to no one. राम राज दुःख काहु न व्यापा Rām Rāj duḥkh kāhu na 
vyāpā -- in the reign of Râm, in the reign of Brahm, in the reign of total 
Natural Law, in the reign of peace and harmony, suffering belonged to no one.

It's not a new world. Indian history records this world to be coming and going, 
and coming and going. Every day the sun shines, and every evening the night 
takes over. So this light and darkness continues off and on and off and on. We 
enjoy both -- we rest in the night, we work in the day -- so we make use of 
both values. But we uphold the value of light, the value of harmony, the value 
of peace.

In this year we will have harmony in the world and we will be concerned with 
OURSELF, with OUR responsibility. Our responsibility is to behave according to 
our nature. Our nature is: sat-chit-anand, bliss consciousness on an eternal 
continuum basis. And in this, some dark patches come and go. And so we have to 
mind ourself; we don't mind what others do."

"It doesn't matter how mistaken other people are functioning. We don't mind 
others. We mind what WE do; we mind what WE are; we center ourselves in that 
infinite potential of divine grace; we live that field of life and let our 
example be followed by all other people."

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