I remember the time when the young governor for Arkansas, Bill Clinton, stood 
in front of the Democratic convention and dominated the stage to run for 
president.  I didn't know him then and thought, "who is this guy?"

 But Newsom won't take that gamble, unless the Democratic machine wants him to 
run in order to beat Trump.  Biden may be too old to run and Hillary has become 
a nuisance.  Besides, her jyotish chart shows she has a debilitated Sun in the 
11th house.  Thus, she is not fated to become president.  Sad to say...but true.



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 Nobody wants Hillary other than her cronies.  For Gavin to get elected 
 the public would want to see a full term as governor first. We have to 
 put less attention on the car salesmen we elect anyway and look behind 
 the curtain to see who is financing them.
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 > He's been very patient in taking his turn to become governor of 
 > California.  He's more likely going to wait for his turn to run for 
 > president.  He would probably wait for Biden to run for Democratic 
 > presidential contender.  But will Americans vote for Hillary again in 
 > 2020?
 > _https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gavin+newsom+for+president+2020&view=detail&mid=C670D95DB4C1CF53DA9FC670D95DB4C1CF53DA9F&FORM=VIRE_
 > https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=gavin+newsom+for+president+2020&view=detail&mid=C670D95DB4C1CF53DA9FC670D95DB4C1CF53DA9F&FORM=VIRE_

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