USDA data on the number of animals per farm in the US suggests that over 99% 
of US farmed animals live on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations, commonly 
known as “factory farms”. Globally, that figure is probably over 90%.

 So 75% of Americans think they consume humane meat, but a tiny fraction 
actually do. The majority of consumers seem tragically wrong about what they 

 Take cage-free eggs, for example. Just because the birds aren’t in cages 
doesn’t mean they’re healthy or happy. Cage-free birds have around the same 
total space per bird; they just live in a large shed with thousands (often tens 
of thousands) of other birds.

 In this stressful environment, birds frequently peck each other so much that 
they lose feathers, bleed, and even die from what is effectively cannibalism 
caused by the birds’ high-density confinement. The air quality on cage-free 
farms tends to be worse due to the chickens walking around and kicking up dust 
and feces, which also threatens food safety.


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