Reading the picture, 
 From asking around the spiritual Fairfield, Iowa Coffee Haus satsang:

 “He has a fire hand. That makes him a man of action, fast thinking and all 
that.  Interesting is his thumb, the thumb is extreme egotism with a 
flexibility that is borne of impulsivity, impulsive. There is this twisted 
finger, this heart finger is twisted. Q: Is that physical heart or spiritual 
heart? A: All of it. His sexuality, this inability with his urges. Emotionally 
they are not informed, not matured, very primal.  There is chaining here that 
has to do with not being emotionally nourished as a child which of course makes 
him incredibly emotional. This is the President of the United States, 
successful in business, has ambition.”


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 Find Picture of Trump's hand..



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