In FF satsang: 

 ..Don’t get hung up on Matt Kahn’s goofy shirts that he wears. or his 
 But Matt Kahn is cheering on those of us who are so interested in and have 
been dedicated to spiritual development, the Big “S” Spiritual development, 
upliftment. That it is not for nothing. That because as one has been engaged in 
it that it is not useless in this world or it is frivolous or inconsequential 
to what needs to happen here. That actually it holds the vibration and holds 
the criminal element back. 
 He says that it is all part of one light, even the ones who are asleep. They 
are all still of the light. It is very uplifting. He has quite a construct of 
understanding, as a teacher at another level, as a native adept, like Janet 
Sussman. He is both very practical and advaitin-like in a way he strips down to 
the essentials, stripping the constructs, the excess to get to the essentials, 
the essential value of nonduality, which Cynthia very astutely gets to.  .


---In, <> wrote :

 The FF Satsang continuing, over coffee:
 “..They are meant to be together (head and heart) . You don’t abdicate the 
head, the brain, the mind or the heart, they are together, the ‘masculine and 
 Q: it sets up a duality talking about this, identifying it. 
 A: What Matt Kahn points out is that there are people on various tracks, we 
are all on ascension tracks, we are all in tracks, this is not a better than 
the other. The first track is the one is where the people are standing in light 
where the people are light bearers. Where people are light holders. The people 
who are in consciousness where they are standing there in the light and that is 
their main job. Being light holders. 
 Then you have the second track, which is people who are becoming activated by 
what they see as problems in the world and they are going to look for social 
justice solutions, constructs, and so they are activated, and then a third 
track of people asleep. The third track is people who are always up to 
technology, on their phones, who their reference is always the phone, IT, 
 Light holders, social construct, and then the asleep who are willing and 
wanting to wed themselves to technology. 
 Matt Kahn is saying we all have our place in this, we are all in to this 
together. In his view this is going to become very clear in the next two years, 
unambiguous.  These Three general tracks is how people are going to be moving 
forward. He says there are people just waiting to have apps in their heads, for 
there to be apps, downloaded and become wedded to their technology, some kind 
of artificial intelligence. 


 FF Coffee haus Satsang:  
 “You have to love this, I love this that there she was at SAND. Wow!   Thank 
god that someone is finally speaking to this.” 
 Q: The TM neuroscience people would be studying this if he had an apparatus to 
do it, the heart-mind?  
 A: “They do but they are brain-centric. 
 “..In this discussion of spirituality Matt Kahn has a good description, 
embedded in the discussion of the expression of spirituality he says, and this 
makes sense, that we are moving from a third dimensional reality to a 5th 
dimensional reality. The third dimensional reality is dominated by the mind and 
the fifth dimensional reality is dominated by the heart. 
 So you have the head and the heart, 3rd and 5th, and how to get there is 
through here, the connecting of the head and heart.  The connectivity is what 
Janet Sussman identifies as the ‘articulation’ between the two, the 
communication between the two where you are moving from the third dimension of 
the mind and its constructs to the non-linear value of the fifth.  It does make 
sense that we are moving from a third dimensional reality to a fifth. The third 
dimensional reality, it is that we are dominated by the mind. The fifth 
dimensional reality is dominated by the heart. How do you get between the  two? 
The fourth dimension is time. We are moving through that, the throat area , 
expression. The connectedness, the ‘articulation’, as Janet says it. 
 What you see in the advaitins and the TM people is that it is all about the 
brain,  the head and the mind. Some Buddhists too, some of the Buddhist 
practices are very head centered.  
 The The third eye is insight and the throat area, the 4th, is poetry, 
speaking, the expression between the two, the fourth dimension. The vehicle, 
this part, the fourth dimension is time. So you are moving from the concrete 
three dimensional world of the mind and its constructs to the non-linear value 
of the fifth.  So this is what you see in spiritual development, this makes so 
much sense. This is where the advaitins are, this is where the TM people are, 
in the head, the mind, all in the head. Brain, Brain, Brain. It is all in the 
head. Very head centric. Some of the Buddhist practices can be very head 
 You have to love this, I love this that there she was at SAND. Wow!   Thank 
god that someone is finally speaking to this. Maybe others have spoken to this 
at SAND.  Janet spoke there at SAND. But this woman she has all the 
credentials, the cred. Unfortunately Janet does not have the credentials like 
Cynthia has to be heard. A doctorate, a teacher professor at BU. It was 
gorgeous what Cynthia did there. Very profound.  She packed so much in to that 
half hour, it is kind of mind-blowing. It is worth listening to again. 
 What Matt Kahn is talking about is what she would call the “heart-mind”, 
bringing the head in to the heart. It is the same thing. They are talking about 
the same thing. He was just talking about it in a more esoteric process where 
she was talking about it identifying it with this cultivation practice. These 
are ways of speaking to it. " 

 FF Satsang replies, over coffee.. 
 "These are Constructs that are helpful, where Cynthia Bourgeaut’s construct is 
very beautiful but body based, physical body, physical heart.. So like TM’ers 
had they have gone from the physical brain, brain-centric to the physical 
heart, heart-centric. Not that they, the physical heart and brain, are not 
players in this; but this idea that it is in the physical heart, where it is in 
the subtle structures of the heart..
 It’s resonance, its genesis is in the subtle system of the heart and this is 
going to impact the structure of the physical heart just like consciousness is 
going to impact the activity of the brain. This is why you get brain coherence, 
global brain coherence. But it is not the waves that are coherent it is just as 
the consciousness and its indication of the influence of consciousness on the 
brain, the influence of the heart just like the genesis of love in the heart 
there is going to be a physical correlate in the heart. As there is an 
indication of love in the heart, a generative process, there is going to be a 
physical correlate. Q: ‘Generative process’, is that the term she uses, A: no 
that is my term.."


 Replies in the (spiritual) FF coffee house satsang:
 “..a cultivating the heart-mind, people are coming to terms with this however 
they do. People find reference points that are useful to themselves, alignments 
to deal with it however they do. Whether they find another teacher or this 
beautiful practice of this ‘heart-mind’. 
 This is where the meditating community has gone.     Like with Matt Kahn, “We 
Belong to the Light”. It is helpful to people.
 Being emailed around spiritual FF recently..
 Cynthia Bourgeault at the SAND conference

 The extension of centering prayer..

 And on batgap:


 ---In, <> wrote :

 As type of satsang here in Fairfield there are several groups on campus that 
recite/chant sanskrit. Also in town.  The Ammachi group, some other groups and 
also at the Devi Mandir Temple in town as also there is dedicated individual 
spiritual practice of chanting. Also there is a group that meets regularly for 
chanting of old Hebrew as spiritual practice in Fairfield. 

---In, <> wrote :

 FF Satsang:

 “..All kinds of spiritual practice is going on here. The thread is that people 
understand it because of Maharishi, because of the holy tradition. They 
understand the state, that it is not just about having flashy experience but 
finding modalities which help with their clarity, the clarity of the inner 
. .
 “..Whether it is the bhakti path, ritual, whatever the avenue is that people 
feel they the need to cultivate, it is here and it is happening .  It is very 
lively. ..Huge Trillium group, big Oneness group, the AOL They are there. 
Connie’s group, Janet has her following, or Byron Katie and the inquiry path, 
adviatian path. The meditator churches and temples, it is all here. “ 
. .
 “..For instance there are people here in Fairfield in to the Trillium thing 
here. Trillium is a big deal here. It was called Waking Down, it is now called 
something else because Daniel Bonder could not keep it in his pants, so they 
had a division over that so now they are re-branded, re-orienting, but they 
have certainly carried on in transpersonal work, a Stanislav Grauf process that 
is very powerful and clearer.”


 Satsang FF replies..: 

 “Now with the Pundits gone we do have these Western people on social security 
trained up with these skill sets of chanting sanskrit and the Vedic texts.  
 Maybe they become the communal pundits in recitation.   “if the MUM process 
fell apart”, then..
 Hello! They are right here.  If you have what, 20 smart people doing it then 
here we have it.”



"Yes, and Fairfield, Iowa meditating is certainly 'a tale of two cities' or 
more everyday  ..In Fairfield, Ia. in context there are so many people who are 
rippingly along engaged in spiritual evolution. Look at all these groups that 
are meeting the individual needs of people because it suits them. It is not a 
'one size fits all' program, nature does not work that way. Nature is 
infinitely diverse in how she solves and works it. It is okay and alive."
 Fell apart? The Fairfield, Iowa Coffee House Satsanga in consideration replies:

 "..No, in Fairfield the people who want to be here are meditating in the 
Domes. Many hundreds here still." 

 Someone commentating about Fairfield from afar, “The infrastructure he put in 
place in N. America has fallen apart, with few pandits and dropping numbers in 
the domes. Perhaps there is some destiny for a rougher transition.” 

 Quoting:  “..if the MUM process fell apart, then it is because each of us as 
individuals has gained more influence over the environment. It doesn't really 
make sense that we are gaining light on the planet, and the sustaining element 
if it is such, at MUM would fall apart.   ..I think it is simply obsolete.”.end 


.. ..
 – you told us about some such groups in town with whom you recently met who 
are planning group meditations (TM, or mostly TM) on the night before the 
election in the hope if creating some positive effect. Like, really? 

 I would suggest that you tell them that they would have a much stronger effect 
by coming to the Dome at least once daily every day from now on, and keep 
 If they think their group meditations will have an effect, then (in the same 
breath) they cannot say that the Dome groups don’t! 

---In, <> wrote :

 I was at a meeting a couple of nights ago of about 25 people at Janet 
Sussman’s new Fairfield house. They agreed to meet for a meditation 
(superradiance) on the night of the Election Day, regardless of the results as 
the results are coming in. 

 I was at another meeting of about 25 people last night on our porch, a 
different group of 25 from Janet’s satsanga.  This group agreed to meet for a 
meditation on the night before Election Day having a group meditation for the 

 Both groups of people are of the old meditator TM community here, mostly 
unaffiliated anymore/disaffiliated with the .org movement without badges to the 
Domes . 

 Same thing, meditating, over a concern with the general agitation around the 
Election over at the meditator churches and temples, the liberal catholics, and 
Mother Divine church. The meditating Quakers.  The temple(s).

 Fairfield, Iowa the number one Top City for Meditation.
 30 Top Cities and Towns for Meditation in America
 An article:

---In, <> wrote :

 The Boom Fitness Satsanga in Fairfield, Iowa..

 CrossFit and SoulCycle are becoming “churches” for millennials.

 ..very illuminating.  I had noticed this, but this is very clearly explained 
about the group and its spiritual needs. Fairfield Boom Fitness is located at 210 West Lowe (near Everybodys and 
BP Gas). When you enter our 2400 square foot space, you will quickly realize we 
are a very different workout experience. In place of workout machines that 
isolate muscles, you will find Olympic bars, free weights, kettlebells, 
medicine balls, pullup bars, and jump ropes by Rogue Fitness. This is the same 
gear used in the Reebok / ESPNs Crossfit Games. We aim for efficient 
functionality, you won’t find mirrors or televisions. What you will quickly 
find is that we have everything you need to get in phenomenal shape. You can 
use your mirror at home for verification.

---In, <> wrote :

 Experiences of Saints Part 2 with Dr. Evan Finkelstein
 On Sunday, September 30. A Sweet Sunday evening in September, at Phoenix 
Rising Hall, at 7:30 PM, Dr. Evan Finkelstein will present:
 PART 2 “A Funny Thing Happened to Me in the Cave Last Night: Spiritual 
Experiences of Saints in Light of Maharishi's Science of Consciousness”
 With a lot of new saints and all new experiences!
 This presentation will highlight the divine experiences of great saints from 
the traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Buddhism in the 
light of Maharishi’s teachings on higher states of consciousness. Quotes from 
the writings of these saints will be deeply explored; with  a PowerPoint 
presentation and lots of time for comments, discussion and questions.
 Dr. Evan, a Transcendental Meditation teacher since 1972, earned his BA in 
English and Theatre Arts, and Master’s degrees in Social Work and the Science 
of Creative Intelligence, with an Outstanding Student Award. Awarded the Veda 
Vyasa Award for outstanding doctoral level scholarship, his MVS doctoral 
dissertation Universal Principles of Life Expressed in Maharishi Vedic Science 
and in the Scriptures and Writings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 
documented fundamental principles shared among these faiths in the light of 
Maharishi’s Vedic Science. He also teaches courses on Taoism, Buddhism and 
Confucianism in the light of Maharishi’s knowledge. Dr. Finkelstein, on faculty 
since 1989, is currently adjunct professor of Maharishi Vedic Science, and 
National Director of Religion and Culture for the United States.  

---In, <> wrote :

 Fairfield Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong
 Contact Mary Ida Adams ph. 641 980 8017

 Invincible America Assembly & Friends
 Picnic, Thursdays.
 Waterworks Park
 Fairfield, Iowa

 Email:   Thank you for letting me know.  I had never heard of a yagya before 
but after resarching see that it is a fire ritual/offering.  Is this open to 
others that may not be students of Pundit Sharma such as myself?    Blessings 
to you.


Ans:  Sorry to find this too late. Yes, a lot of very spiritually practiced 
folks showed up. 
 Yes, with lots of spiritual things going on in this little town most of us who 
live here in the meditating community look to the Thursday edition of The 
Fairfield Weekly Reader to find what is up. With the WR those of us who 
actively live here get our day-timers out and then plan what to show up at for 
the week. It is a busy place. 

 As you show up at various functions and then get on e-mail lists there becomes 
its own web of notice for what is interesting to you and actively coming up. 
The Fairfield Weekly Reader is a good way to find interesting groups that are 
already doing things in Fairfield. Also the boards at Everybody's, the Noodle 
House and Thai Deli and other places for poster notices of what is going on. 
Mostly there are already groups that function like guilds 'doing things' in 
 It just takes some initiative to show up and find like minded people already 
here.. arts, writing, business, nature, garden, music, recreation, fitness, 
spiritual practice. Hope to meet you soon at something. 


 A Ganesh yagya today also at,  
 Sri Devi Mandir, a Hindu Temple,  located in Fairfield, IA, a small rural 
community in southeast Iowa. 

 The temple initiated within the Fairfield meditating community opened October 
7, 2002, during Navaratri - the Nine Nights of Mother Divine. Sri Devi Mandir 
is an independent spiritual organization, not affiliated with any spiritual 
teacher or group. Sri Devi Mandir is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization run 
by devotees for devotees. The Temple's main income is through devotee donations 
and sponsorships. Through the years Devi Mandir has become an important 
cultural center for the Indo- American community that is well settle in 
Fairfield, Iowa. 

 Community Ganesh Yagya today.. 
 In line with Fairfield being one of the spiritual places to live.. 

 FW: a long tradition (and a lot of personal experience!) to support his title 
of "remover of Obstacles"!

 See full details at:

 Fairfield of recent years has changed into something else which is
now quite rich after nearly four decades development.

The long-time Fairfield meditating community today is its
own center for spiritual practice. The breadth of spiritual practice
groups in Fairfield is now a unique feature of the town in the 21st


 30 Top Cities and Towns for Meditation in America
 An article:

 “..keep company with the saints (sants), mahàtmàs, and the wise (vidvànta), 
so that your human birth will be fruitful.”  -Guru Dev, Brahmananda Saraswati


 * About 90 attended Dr. Evan Finkelstein's event at Phoenix Rising Sunday 
evening. It was a powerpoint presentation of slides of saints from around the 
world and throughout the ages, with pictures or likenesses of the saints, and 
their quotes on meditation and experiences of higher states of consciousness, 
and comments by Dr. Evan. It was just like the IAA daily calls, with a wider 
and more varied group of people calling in. That is how it felt. It felt very 
very good. 

 There was an audience request for Dr. Evan to do an encore presentation later 
and there was support for this in the audience. So that's in the works. 

# # 

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