Rick Archer’s panel enumerates sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. 
 There was a guy, Mark Meredith who was really good a ferreting out financial 
records on the ™ movement.  Mark is passed away now some time ago but he had 
background in things both financial management and also the ™ movement. He was 
really helpful in his way with shedding light on this area of behavior. 
 Within Rick’s oversight group there could be helpful facilitation to .org 
financials of gurus and such. Often times it takes insiders to help with 
insight to shells within groups. Mark was particularly good at looking through 
all the various incorporporations with ‘Maharishi’ in their name.  
 A service like Charity Navigator could be helped to have category for 
spiritual teachers/healers/guru non-profits. A committee of Rick’s SAND group 
could be quite helpful working with a credible group like Charity Navigator to 
help them get a better look at these peculiar ‘spiritual’ people and groups. 
 This last summer the Shambhala community at large was racked by both sexual 
and financial abuse at the top.  Watching John Douglas’ business get hooked up 
with a former ™ operative could make anyone seeing that wonder where that money 
all is going. 

 Which groups can accede to standards out there like Charity Navigator’s of 
financial behavior? This could be helped to be made more clear. 
 Evaluating Charities Not Currently Rated by Charity Navigator 


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 Rick’s group of concerned therapist spiritual counselors corrals the 
perpetration and the teacher/leader perps of spiritually hurtful bad behavior.  
May be this group in their thoughtful concern could hold their focus and refer 
or collaborate the communal part of the work to people who mediate communal 
hurt already. It is real interesting to see the communal re-mediating work 
being actively done right now on the Shambhala community. 
 Way down in the SAND discussion comes consideration of the effect of poor 
behavior on “community” offering “Truth and Reconciliation” as a model.  
 Re-developing community seems another whole jurisdiction of work. What has 
been the experience of mediated work of peace movements, ‘truth and 
conconcilliation’ processes, ‘non-violent communication’ is extended with the 
work of ‘restorative justice’.  Remediating the perps is one level of the work, 
the community they work in is a whole nother. Cornering the perps civilly or 
criminally is its own work, but their effect on their community is another part 
of the work. 
 NPR posted a link recently to some research demonstrating how a lot of people 
lack empathy. Rick’s example of the disordered narcissistic spiritual teacher 
is a good example. I had conversation a while ago with one of the main owners 
of the ™ movement about the problems, who replied the same kind of response, 
“what problems?”. Yet, as was said many times in the panel discussion, this 
cannot hold for very long in contemporary culture with the fluidity and 
transparency of social media now. 
 An example of process on the Communal Hurt part of the Equation, here is 
abstracted a process that happened in the trauma of a guru passing away, 
 Engaging Restorative Justice in Reclamation of Community


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 This ethics work at the SAND conference is a very good distillation to the 
 Locally the atonement part of the work Is something yet to be really applied 
towards what are the subsets of the meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa 
“with standards of expectation”, 

 “We’re trying to balance our subjective perspectives with standards that fit 
our contemporary culture.. Of behavior and abdication of behavior sexually, 
financially, emotional, ..causing divestment of life savings, causing harm, and 
dissolution. "

 "..Revisiting traditions of patriarchy, power play and equality that are being 
shattered by contemporary culture and being rebuilt in an honest way that is 
reflective of contemporary culture.   ..All too often, when teachers are 
challenged on their behavior, they ignore the challenger or become defensive.”

 In Fairfield and the TMO it seems what those that were the meditating movement 
have 'moved on' with any latent hurt they may have had. Unacknowledged. At a 
distance now. 
 Maharishi died about 10 years ago. The sex and that money stuff, the biggest 
building in the world, the 'Brahmasthan of America', happened before that. The 
Pundits gone now.  Figure there were about 6000 TM teachers in the United 
States in 1975, and what, 360 active TM teachers in the US now.  About that 
many meditating in Fairfield the Domes in recent days and weeks. Those who want 
to be meditating in the Domes are there, and the larger Fairfield meditating 
community has reconciled this all as they have in their own ways. A more 
interesting question becomes what is this collection that is the meditating 
community including the TM movement going to look like in 5 years? Year 2013? 
Fairfield, Iowa. Spiritual community. Jai Guru Dev.


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 Of morality..  An exploration of Spiritual Morality in Gurus, spiritual 
 and their organizations.
 A session at the SAND Conference...

 A morality,   Q: I don’t recall anything about “principles of higher moral 
character” in the air when we first came here from Amherst.
 A: Meditation in groups,  Maharishi was consistent the whole way about the 
utility of group meditating influencing a wellbeing of good for others at a 
distance. This remarkable idea in practice is a simple disruptor to a lot of 
people’s material paradigm but after so many decades of inquiry in to this 
observation the science has well borne out the hypothesis.  
 And, Guru Dev too in his spiritual construct on moral order could have easily 
agreed now given what all we know from the inquiry of science, that people who 
do not go to group meditations when they could join with them are being amoral 
in their selfishness. 
 That someone sitting out in a coffee house whether in Leiden watching videos 
on their laptop or those meditators idle downtown around the Fairfield, iowa 
town square at Paradiso, the Cider House, the Sushi bar, or in Revelations 
during the communal group meditation is near to worthless and worse morally in 
their contribution to the general good and communal welfare, a drag, amoral.  
 So this, the virtue of group meditation is now in the reach of this spiritual 
but not religious time of science and spirituality that we do live in.  Yet, 
people who would stay home by themselves, be it some Raja hold up somewhere out 
there by themselves, or an editor working overtime somewhere and may be would 
meditate later, but also an administration and its defenders with a 
religious-like adherence to ill-serving guidelines that should keep people away 
who could otherwise be meditating with the group evidently are all worst than 
sad but pretty bad morally.  Jai Guru Dev. 
 Thread 437705
 Re: What did ‘Guru Dev’ say on Spiritual Morality and its Moral Compass
 .< Interesting to see how the principles of higher moral character that were 
the communal experiment started at Amherst in ‘78 have been eroded and hurt in 
the administration of it.
 For outsiders or people from away looking in on the experiment I recommend 
their reading "Greetings From Utopia Park" and listening to the NPR 'Fresh Air' 
interview of Claire Hoffman for insight to how it went.  
 I don’t recall anything about “principles of higher moral character” in the 
air when we first came here from Amherst.
 Q: I appreciate what you’re doing with the group meditation thing, but I like 
meditating at home. I usually take a nap first, then just sit up and meditate. 
Times vary.
 A: Evidently a lot of people feel this way also about meditating with the TM 
group, not turning out for what was superradiance
 of the group. 
 The numbers in the Dome meditation are incredibly low now.

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