As well Apple should fall.

 It simply becomes morally unconscionable to buy Apple. 

 cardemaister offers:


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 The Apple profits-making pricing evidently works a terrible thing that is put 
on people, often already in debt and encumbered, who could benefit from 
i-things but can’t really afford, sort of like a pricing of things TM out of 
reach of many people.  There is something amoral rotten spiritually about Apple 
products the way Apple is run. 

 The high-priced Apple business model: 

 Nader Deconstructs Apple

 ..  ..


Gary Rensch replies:
 This was the very next video by the same anti-Apple reviewer. At least he’s 
willing to give credit where credit is due. And, no, it does not appear to be 
the right time to sell AAPL…



cardemaister writes.. 

 438265Time to sell AAPL?



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